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Winter Flights  


My New Favorite Hike- Lost Lake 


Mountain Biking on the Dyke Trail 

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Winter Flights to Crested Butte!

Winter Flights to Crested Butte! FYI 

gunnison airport


American Airlines 757 will be flying daily this winter from Dallas into Crested Butte/Gunnison Regional Airport.   


Continental will also be providing direct daily service from Houston Dec. 15-Jan. 2, 2011 and on Saturdays  from Jan. 2 -Mar. 31, 2012.  


United will be providing 2 daily flights from Denver.  

My New Favorite Hike- Lost Lake
Hike Lost Lake to 3 beautiful lakes!

lost lake loop 3 miles of the most beaultiful vistas and views of mountains and lakes - 3 lakes, Lost Lake Slough, Lost Lake, and Dollar Lake. Unbelievable beauty.


Despite the name, you won't get lost. Go to CB, and take Whiterock out towards Irwin Lake.  dollar lake Where the road splits off to Irwin, take a left on Kebler. Keep going, and enjoy the view! when the aspens are all around you in a close woods for awhile, Lost Lake Campground will come up on the left, after Horseranch turnoff.Turn in and keep to the right and park as far as you can. It takes 35 minutes from CB to drive there. 


 Mountain Biking the Dyke Trail

Mountain Biking the Dyke Trail

steve on bike Or.... where I learned I am a beginner-intermediate mountain biker, not an expert! Ouch! Ouch! Boom. The entrance to the Dyke trail is just above Irwin Lake on the left - don't go too far or you get to private land. This bike trail goes gently down for 5 miles.  


Have a non-biker drive to Horseranch to pick you up, as that is where the trail ends. dead steve and lorraine However, an "easy" hiking trail can be an "expert" biking trail. And that's the case here. Rocks, branches, ups and downs. Easy walking, hard biking. 

Hope to hear from you soon!

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