August 3, 2012
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General Manager's Last Update 

Tomorrow is my last day with the City and I will be helping to kick off our very first regional election in the Northeast Valley.  This is a national model for an election which supports participatory democracy where there are no losers - only more volunteers helping to make government better.   Our outreach efforts have already borne fruit - compared to a 77% ratio
two years ago (candidates to open board seats)  we now have more than 120% turnout in candidates!!  Thanks again to Grayce Liu, Stephen Box and team for making civic engagement history for Los Angeles.

Congratulations to Grayce Liu for being named Interim General Manager.  She's deeply committed to neighborhood empowerment and has acquired a wealth of practical knowledge of the NC system over the past 5 years in the Department.  I'm confident that she will continue to provide much needed stability during the transition to a permanent GM appointment. 

Thanks again to all the Department staff, members of the City family, and NC volunteers for allowing me to serve the City of Los Angeles in this visionary civic engagement goal.  



BongHwan (BH) Kim, 

General Manager

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment  


Empower Yourself.   

Empower Your Community. 

Empower LA.





Early in 2012, the opportunity was extended to all Neighborhood Councils to encumber funds to be used for expenditures specifically related to their upcoming elections.  Many of you took advantage of this opportunity and funds were encumbered.


In order to claim those funds,...


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  Port of Los Angeles High School Senior Brings Employment Opportunities to her Classmates 


"I was a lucky person," Anise Goldfarb explained, "I had a job."


Many of her friends at school were not so lucky, and they often complained that it was impossible to find work. Time and again, her fellow students would ask, "Do you know anyone who is hiring?"


She decided to do something about it and used her position...


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  Spotlight on the Congress of Neighborhoods


Making Government More Responsive to Local Needs is the theme for the 2012 Congress of Neighborhoods to be held at City Hall on Saturday, September 22. 

All 95 neighborhood councils from across the City of LA will meet with City Councilmembers, City Department managers and staff as well as neighborhood council leaders and volunteers from across the City. 

Three Workshop Sessions with 9 workshops in each session will be held throughout the day.  Some of the workshop topics include...


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  New Leadership, New Priorities for the Board of Neighborhood


The Board of Neighborhood Commissioners unanimously elected Paul Park to serve as its new President and Len Shaffer to serve as its new Vice-President at its most recent meeting.

Park's first priority as President will be to,...


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 Community Needs Assessment Survey 


The Commission on Community and Family Services (CCFS) has launched its Community Needs Assessment Survey. This surven is designed to elicit information from the general public and businesses, and City of Los Angeles departments and their program partners, on what they believe to be the most important issues affecting their households and their communities. The responses will help inform the development of the next five-year Housing and Community Development Consolidated Plan.


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