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The Mayor's proposed budget was released this afternoon.  The Neighborhood Council funding is proposed at $37,000 per Neighborhood Council for the 2012-2013 fiscal year, which is a reduction of 8.6%. For the Department, the Mayor has included funding for us to conduct Neighborhood Council elections while laying off two currently filled staff positions (Sr Accountant and Neighborhood Empowerment Analyst) as part of the citywide layoffs necessary to address the deficit.  If approved, this would leave the Department with 17 positions.  


The Budget and Finance Committee will be conducting hearings starting next week.  The Department's budget is currently scheduled to be heard on May 7th (please click here for the schedule).  You are encouraged to participate in the proceedings to advise the committee regarding your concerns.  


In the meantime, election planning is moving forward so please start putting together your election outreach plans now.  Try to incorporate your election outreach into existing outreach events your Neighborhood Council has already planned for the upcoming months. Here is a creative outreach video that Del Rey Neighborhood Council recently put together. 


We are also looking to bring on Independent Election Administrators to assist with the elections.  If you are interested, please contact Grayce Liu at grayce.liu@lacity.org or by calling 213-978-1551.  We are planning to hold the first orientation meeting on Thursday, May 3rd, for those who are interested.

As always, thank for all your work in your communities!


BongHwan Kim


BongHwan (BH) Kim,

General Manager

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment 


Empower Yourself.   

Empower Your Community. 

Empower LA.


Neighborhood Council Elections 

NC Swearing in Ceremony

The Education and Neighborhoods Committee met on Tuesday and sent the City Attorney draft ordinance to City Council with the recommendations that Neighborhood Councils could not opt out of the 2012 elections and that it be made clear that Neighborhood Councils can do elections (secret ballot) or selections (non secret vote) for 2012.

We are in the process of finalizing the list of regions and proposed election weeks as well as the Elections Manual.  Thank you for all of your feedback!  

City Attorney draft ordinance - (Letter to the Department/Report)

Click here for the City Clerk Elections Alternatives Survey Results Report.

Click here for our final elections report to the City Council.

Click here for the list of regions and proposed election weeks. 

Please remember the upcoming deadlines for elections:

May 12th - Bylaws amendment deadline to change to a selection process

May 16th - Last day to encumber funds for election outreach for next fiscal year  

For election outreach expenditures, the Board will have to provide a Board resolution and an excel spreadsheet of the vendors that may be used for the elections as well as one total amount to be encumbered.  For more information, please click here

Here is a sample of the election outreach spreadsheet as well as a template for the Board Resolution.

If you require the excel or word documents of the sample and template, please contact NCSupport@lacity.org so we can email them to you.


Neighborhood Council Funding Deadlines Fast Approaching!
For more information on the demand warrant and purchase card deadlines and procedures, please click here.

Please RSVP for our upcoming Treasurer's Training on April 26th.



EmpowerLA Leadership Academy 
Leadership Academy 41912
EmpowerLA Leadership Academy Harbor Graduates
EmpowerLA's Leadership Academy is on the road and the spring semester is full of hands-on workshops that take place throughout the City, offering participants the opportunity to Empower Themselves, Empower their Communities and Empower LA.  

This past week, Sunland-Tujunga and Harbor Gateway both played host to the Academy, offering both stakeholders and Board members an opportunity to engage in a variety of topics.  

Cindy Cleghorn demonstrated a powerful strategy for using direct mail campaigns to connect with stakeholders using simple postcards that are specific to an event such as an election and newsletters that include resource information.

Enci Box unlocked the secrets of successful email campaigns and strategies for building robust stakeholder databases and distributing digital newsletters that are appealing and effective.

Jerry Kvasnicka presented plans for the upcoming Neighborhood Council elections and the importance of a solid connection between great outreach for candidates and successful voter turnout.

City of Los Angeles Commissioner 
Douglas Epperhart shared the Three P's of Powerful Advocacy and his insights into getting great press from local media.

Cindy Marie Jenkins demonstrated the impact of effective storytelling, the foundation of a strategic communication plan that connects a powerful media campaign with the audience.

Both Cindy Marie Jenkins and Enci Box addressed the mysteries of social media and shared their experiences turning Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Constant Contact into tools for "Getting Connected" effectively.

Stephen Box addressed techniques for connecting with the media, both national and local, and putting them to work telling neighborhood stories that bring the community together.

The EmpowerLA Leadership Academy will return to the North Valley on Thursday, April 26th, at 6 pm and to the Harbor Area on Saturday, April 28th, at 8 am.  

The topics of the workshops varies dramatically, but they all have one thing in common, they offer powerful tools for engaging the local community and for connecting effectively with the City of Los Angeles.  Neighborhood Councils are the most direct route to City Hall and the EmpowerLA Leadership Academy equips community members for the journey.

Through it all, there's something for everybody, including those who have been with Neighborhood Councils since the beginning as well as newcomers who share a desire to participate in their government and to make it more responsive to local needs.

For more information, contact Thomas Soong at Thomas.Soong@lacity.org or Melvin Caņas at Melvin.Canas@lacity.org.  You can also call (213) 978-1551.  

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