March 30, 2012
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As we settle into our new on the 20th floor of City Hall, we are pleased to launch our very first E-newsletter, which will have all the most current and important information you need about the Neighborhood Council system. 


Despite funding cuts, we are focusing our limited resources on improving key functions of our department, which includes communications. We will be changing the look of our website in April as well. The new website will be a more dynamic place for robust and multiple communication channels between our department to Neighborhood Councils, Neighborhood Councils to each other, and Neighborhood Councils to other City departments. 


I look forward to hearing from you about our new communication style and to seeing you at your new home in City Hall.  

Thank you for all the work you do for your community!
BongHwan Kim

BongHwan (BH) Kim,

General Manager

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment 


Empower Yourself.   

Empower Your Community. 

Empower LA.



Neighborhood Council Elections  

NC Swearing in Ceremony


The Education and Neighborhoods Committee may be reviewing the issue of Neighborhood Council elections at its next meeting on April 17, 2012.  City Council has yet to pass any of the enabling ordinances fully authorizing our department to conduct elections.  The City Attorney is expected to submit the revised ordinance language to the City Council shortly. 

At the request of the Mayor, the Department prepared a budget proposal for new staff and operating costs, which will be submitted to the City Council on April 20, 2012.  In the meantime, we have brought on 2 former Independent Election Administrators (IEA), Jerry Kvasnicka and Stephen Box, to act as Election Coordinators.  Along with our project lead, Grayce Liu, they will be preparing the structure of elections along with a comprehensive outreach plan. 

We are proposing that elections be held from August to November of 2012 in 12 regions with IEA's overseeing the elections.  We realize that this is an ambitious timeline given the situation and are doing our best to streamline the process so that we can successfully hold the elections.  

If your Neighborhood Council has not already started preparing for elections, please do so.  Start convening your election/outreach committees and make sure your bylaws reflect your current Board structure.  We will be extending deadlines for bylaw amendments to May 12, 2012 for any final changes before the elections. In addition, the deadline to encumber election outreach money from this fiscal year for next year is May 16, 2012.  

Click here for the City Clerk Elections Alternatives Survey Results Report.

Click here for the draft of our elections report to the City Countil.

Click here for the list of regions and proposed election weeks. 

We would appreciate your feedback before our final submission to City Council on April 13, 2012. For questions or comments, please contact:

Grayce Liu -

Jerry Kvasnicka -

Stephen Box -

Demand Warrant and Purchase Card Deadlines in May and June   


The deadline for all Demand Warrants will be May 16, 2012 with Purchase Cards shut down on June 15, 2012.  You can expect more updates from our funding unit on preparing for year end closing activities. Remember that there is no longer the option to roll over unspent funds so you must comply with Department instructions on "encumbering" funds.


Also, due to the recent transfer of our only IT staff person, the financial data on our website has not been updated for the past few months. We are attempting to fix the problem with existing staff until we can fill the vacant position. The budget crisis has created long delays in re-filling vacancies so we ask for your patience.

City Attorney Corner 
Carmen Trutanich
The Office of the City Attorney 
is pleased to announce the addition of Deputy City Attorney Capri Maddox to the Neighborhood Council Advice Division. 

Ms. Maddox joins the division after serving 10 years within the Office. Ms. Maddox has served in Central Trials, the Neighborhood Prosecutor Program and the Complex Litigation Unit. Her wealth of expertise will provide direct benefits to Neighborhood Councils in assisting and guiding the Board through the legal issues impacting the Board's operations. In addition, Deputy City Attorneys Rita Venegas and Anthony Paul Diaz are departing the Division to pursue other opportunities within the Office.
Deputy City Attorneys Hawkins and Maddox are assigned to represent the Neighborhood Councils by regions:

South/Central/Harbor/West Area
Neighborhood Councils

North Valley/South Valley/East Area Neighborhood Councils

The telephone number for the Division is:
(213) 978-8132.

The Neighborhood Council Advice Division will be comprised of Supervising /Managing Deputy City Attorney Darren Martinez and Deputy City Attorneys Carmen Hawkins and Capri Maddox. When your Board has a legal question, your Board President or appointed Legal Liaison should contact the Division attorney assigned to your Neighborhood Council.
The Board's legal questions to the City Attorney's Office should be presented in writing by the Neighborhood Council President or Legal Liaison. The City Attorney's response will be sent to the President or Legal Liaison who should insure that the answer is distributed to all Board members. If individual Board members have concerns that they may have a conflict of interest, that Board member may also contact their assigned regional attorney directly for advice.
The Office of the City Attorney looks forward to working with each Neighborhood Council and helping you facilitate your community's goals.

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