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 News from Our Yoga Community                                       June 2012



Alex in HandstandAaah, the summertime blues....
if I
have to step into that hot studio on a gorgeous day like today, I will be blue! I've gotta get outside, take a hike, jump on the bike, take a dip in the pool. 


Aren't we fortunate to live with the best of the great outdoors? And, aren't we equally fortunate for the opportunity to maintain our Bikram Yoga practice during the summer months? Why? Perhaps first and foremost because it is YOUR practice, and as the saying goes, use it or lose it.   


In an effort to keep you inspired to keep up your practice this summer, we offer the following good reasons:

  1. When you increase your outdoor exercise, your yoga practice is the key to reducing injury from falls, overexertion and overuse.
  2. Does anyone really stretch sufficiently before they go for a run, hike or ride? Not really. Use your practice to fill in the gaps from taking shortcuts out in the field.
  3. Keeping up your practice is the key to maintaining all the headway you made during the winter. It'd be a shame to lose all that range of motion you worked so hard to achieve.
  4. Being acclimated to heat by keeping up your practice allows you to perform at a higher level when it's hot outside. Outdoor heat simply doesn't affect you as much when you are acclimated to it. 

And, while you're at it, you may find a few good reasons as to why the heat of summer benefits your yoga practice!

  1. Your muscles are already warm. Your joints are more flexible and your ligaments are nice and juicy, too! 
  2. Worried that the outdoor heat has zapped you of your energy? Guess what? That relaxed attitude can transform your practice into a I don't have the energy to fight it class. More meditation, less thought, less resistance, more benefit. 
  3. When push comes to shove for getting through the door, consider the studio may feel AIR CONDITIONED when you first walk in. Yes, we know that's a stretch, but on the flip side, the hot weather will feel much cooler once you step outside again.
  4. The more you sweat, the more you lose. Toxins, inches, and pounds, that is.
  5. Detox to retox. Yes, it's summertime. Grill time, eat time, drink time, merry making. 

Enjoy the outdoors, the long days, and your yoga practice. 


Jackie, Alex, Boone, the teachers and staff

Bikram Yoga Sandy

Brandy in Splits
Posture Clinic with Brandy Lyn Burkman

Please join us on Saturday, June 9th from 1-3:30 pm for a Posture Clinic with Brandy Lyn. As she leads us through Bikram's Beginning Yoga Class, Brandy will take extra time to review the postures in greater detail with more in-depth information for perfecting your own practice. There will also be plenty of time for Q&A.

Please note the room will be WARM, not hot. 
2:30 pm class cancelled for the Posture Clinic.

$40 Registration after June 1.

Certified Bikram Yoga Instructors $30.

Register online here.


You can also register at the studio.


If you've been fortunate enough to have one of Brandy's classes, you know this event will sell out quickly! Reserve your spot today!

Bikram Yoga Women's Retreat


Womens Retreat


PURE Bikram Yoga, Austin, Texas, is proud to host the 6th Annual Bikram Yoga Women's Retreat on August 9 to 12, 2012 in Austin, Texas (Thursday to Sunday). This year the Retreat will be a 4-day, 3-night stay at Barton Creek Resort & Spa, providing ample time for yoga, relaxation, and shared time with Rajashree Choudhury and Emmy Cleaves. The weekend will conclude with the 10th Annual Texas Yoga Asana Championships, judged by Rajashree and Emmy!



Early Bird Registration (valid through June 16th)

Single Occupancy $1075

Double Occupancy $825
Triple Occupancy $725

Want more information?
Contact us at 1(888) 406-9642 or yogawomensretreat@gmail.com

Congratulations Rahn! 
Rahn at TT 

7 weeks down, 2 to go!  We're anxiously awaiting Rahn's return from Bikram Yoga Teacher Training and look forward to helping him celebrate this remarkable accomplishment. Rahn will be on the podium as part of the Teacher Training Classes.


Yes, Rahn will be on the podium for 4 special Teacher in Training Classes.  Please join us at 2:30 pm on Tuesdays/Thursdays June 19th, 21st, 26th and 28th to welcome Rahn to the ranks of Bikram Yoga Teacher. 


Classes are free of charge; please, no first-time students. 


In and Around the Studio


June 9th 2:30 pm class cancelled for Posture Clinic with Brandy Lyn.


Welcome Visiting Teacher Carol Simpson. With every strong yoga practice comes a new voice, a new perspective, a new teacher. From the end of June through early August Carol Simpson will be joining us. Carol is a teacher from Bend, Oregon. She was also a guest teacher at BYS in the summer of 2010.


Schedule now posted on BikramYogaSandy.com Check it out! You'll see special holiday schedules, class additions, and which teacher is on the podium.   


30% off all Klean Kanteens.  Get 'em while they last! We're closing out our current inventory and will be stocking Hydro Flasks a nifty water bottle from a Bend, OR based company.  Vacuum insulated, Hydro Flask will keep your drink chilled, or hot, for 12 hours, and in the studio it doesn't sweat, so you must! 


New Retail Arriving Soon!  Ladies, we're bringing back some favorites  from Yoga Bela, and we've found a new line, Satya, that we think you'll like too. We'll be adding a few things to the clearance bins, so check those out, too! Gents, we haven't forgotten about you either, more Pushpa shorts will be on your racks, too! 


Teacher Training Classes  Join us for 4 special classes in June as we  welcome new teacher trainees to the podium. Classes will be held at 2:30 pm on Tuesdays/Thursdays: June 19th, 21st, 26th and 28th. Classes are free of charge; please, no first-time students. 


Account Purchases  Are you looking for an easier way to make small purchases? We have a new 'money on account' program. Give us a credit and/or debit card to keep on file and we charge your account in $25 increments. When your account reaches $0, your card will automatically be charged $25 without bringing in your card! With your email address on file you'll automatically receive a receipt for the transaction.  


10% Off on Towels/Mats for Local Intro Students  Purchase a towel or mat during your first month of practice and you'll receive 10% off retail.


Leave Your Towel Behind?  We wash them, neatly fold them, and store them for retrieval. Ask our friendly front desk staff and they'll help you find your lost friend.

In This Issue
Posture Clinic with Brandy Lyn
Women's Retreat
Rahn Returns!
In and Around the Studio
How much water do you need? 

While pulling together our thoughts on summer practice, we came across this HYDRATION CALCULATOR that shows how much water you need on a given day that takes into consideration personal and environmental factors and your activity level. 
When it comes time for elimination, don't be shy, the color of your urine is a very good indication of your hydration level. Take a look and do a color match with this nifty URINE COLOR TEST FOR HYDRATION. For your reading pleasure, we've also posted this test in both changing rooms. 
Lastly, don't forget the electrolytes! We're please to carry Ultima Replenisher electrolyte drink powder. It's simply zero sugar, zero artificial,and  includes a full complement of electrolytes, and the grape tastes great! 

Class Schedule


Community class is at 10am on Saturday, June 2nd.



6:00am  *  9:15am  *  12:00pm  *  4:30pm  *  6:30pm  *  8:15pm



6:00am  *  9:15am  *  12:00pm  *  5:30pm  *  7:30pm



6:00am  *  9:15am  *  12:00pm  *  4:30pm  *  6:30pm  *  8:15pm



6:00am  *  9:15am  *  12:00pm  *  5:30pm  *  7:30pm



6:00am  *  9:15am  *  12:00pm  *  2:30 pm  * 4:30pm  *  6:30pm**  



6:00am  *  8:00am  *  10:00am  *  2:30pm  *  4:30pm   



8:00am  *  10:00am  *  2:30pm  * 4:30pm  *  6:30pm


** Give Back Class

Jackie & Alex

Bikram Yoga Sandy was founded in 2003 by Jackie & Alex Wheeler. Jackie began her Bikram Yoga practice in 1996  and graduated from Bikram's Yoga College of India Teacher Training program in 2000.  Alex began his practice in Oregon in 2000 and graduated from teacher training in 2003.

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