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 News from Our Yoga Community                                        April 2012



Wow! There aren't enough words available to share the awe and appreciation we have for all of you - the busiest January-March ever at Bikram Yoga Sandy - and the studio is filled with kindness, graciousness, and an unbounded spirit of community.


Our thanks to all of you for welcoming our new yoga friends, moving your mats to accommodate one more student in the room, and providing the inspiration for one another to dig a bit deeper and find more within yourself than perhaps you ever thought imaginable.


Now that the winter crush is behind us, it seems the most common comment we're hearing is "Why would I want to pay $52 to hear Bikram speak?"  to which our individual responses have been wide and varied. Just as we encourage each of you to be mindful on your mat yet not take your practice too seriously, we've come up with our "Top Ten List" of why it's good to hand over the $52 and come here Bikram speak! 

Bikram with Bishnu Gosh
Bishnu Ghosh and Bikram



Top 10 Reasons to See Bikram in Utah:


10. It took him 66 years to get here the first time, at that rate, we'll all be dead before it happens again!


9. Know yoga, know peace. No yoga, no peace.


8. Ladies, do you know why selecting a partner is like buying a used car?


7. To Soak in the funny, profound, and irreverent wisdom of a yogiraj.


6. Men, what makes you part goat, dog, and pig?


5. To learn the answer to the question, "What's the most important thing in your life?"


4. Self-realization.


3. To learn first-hand about your yoga ancestry.


2. To broaden your awareness, to deepen your practice.


1. To honor and thank the man who gave us this gift of yoga.


Look right, clink on the ArtTix link and buy your ticket! We look forward to seeing you at the Jeanne Wagner Theater on Saturday, April 14th.  


 Jackie, Alex, Boone, the teachers and staff

Bikram Yoga Sandy

Highlighting a Yoga Champion

Joseph Encinia 

What makes a yoga champion? Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis? Major knee surgery? Heart attack at 13? Think not? Think again, for this is the path of the current International Yoga Asana Champion, Joseph Encinia.

Joseph grew up in Dallas, Texas and at a young age he suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, a heart attack and excessive weight gain. The physical challenges he faced as a child affected his mental and emotional health as a young adult. At the age of 19 Joseph discovered Bikram Yoga and within a year his life was transformed on all levels. By practicing yoga daily, he achieved vibrant health shedding pounds and medication.

Joseph first competed in Texas in 2005 then after years of dedication he won 1st place in the 2009 National Yoga Asana Championship and placed 2nd internationally. Three years later, in 2011, Joseph won the championships and is now the International Yoga Asana Champion. Yoga has given Joseph the gift of life. Now his mission in life is sharing the gift of yoga and inspiring others to be the best they can be. Joseph teaches yoga full time in NYC and in the past year has taught at Bikram's 1st school in Mumbai, India. In his spare time Joseph enjoys traveling, studying philosophy & science and playing guitar.

Visit Joseph's Website
Demonstration at 2012 National Championship

In and Around the Studio


April 14th 4:30 pm class cancelled. We'll be at the Jeanne Wagner Theater preparing to welcome Bikram. We hope you'll be there, too!


Welcome Joanne!  We're very pleased to announce that long-time student and friend Joanne Dehlin is now a member of our teaching staff. Joanne began her practice in July 2005 and completed Bikram's teacher training in 2011.


Bikram at Teacher TrainingGood Luck Rahn and Tate! They are leaving as students, come June, they'll return as Bikram Yoga teachers. Our heartfelt wishes for both Rahn and Tate as they head off on April 15th for an experience of a lifetime -- Bikram's grueling 9 week teacher training program. We look forward to welcoming them back to the studio and on to the podium!


Account Purchases  Are you looking for an easier way to make small purchases? We have a new 'money on account' program. Give us a credit and/or debit card to keep on file and we charge your account in $25 increments. When your account reaches $0, your card will automatically be charged $25 without bringing in your card! With your email address on file you'll automatically receive a receipt for the transaction.  


Our Lost and Found Overfloweth Chances are, if you lost your favorite water bottle, yoga mat, or yoga clothing, we found it! Lost items can be retrieved from the ottomans in the lobby. If you don't find what you're looking for, just ask - practice clothes are washed before they are put out and towels are kept in the back. Lost and found items are kept for 2-3 weeks and then items are donated to local charities.


10% Off on Towels/Mats for Local Intro Students Purchase a towel or mat during your first month of practice and you'll receive 10% off retail.

In This Issue
Highlighting a Yoga Champion
In and Around the Studio

Bikram in Utah!

Lecture & Book Signing
April 14, 5-8 pm

Jeanne Wagner Theater


Tickets online:


Or at all ArtTix Ticket Office locations, or by calling 801-355-ARTS or 888-451-ARTS.
Get your book now! Both Bikram books are available at the studio for purchase prior to the event. They can also be purchased at the event but there will be an additional event surcharge added to the purchase price.

Class Schedule


NOTE: There is NO  4:30 pm class on Saturday, April 14th


Community class is at 10am on Saturday, April 7th.



6:00am  *  9:15am  *  12:00pm  *  4:30pm  *  6:30pm  *  8:15pm



6:00am  *  9:15am  *  12:00pm  *  5:30pm  *  7:30pm



6:00am  *  9:15am  *  12:00pm  *  4:30pm  *  6:30pm  *  8:15pm



6:00am  *  9:15am  *  12:00pm  *  5:30pm  *  7:30pm



6:00am  *  9:15am  *  12:00pm  *  2:30 pm  * 4:30pm  *  6:30pm**  



6:00am  *  8:00am  *  10:00am  *  2:30pm  *  4:30pm   



8:00am  *  10:00am  *  2:30pm  * 4:30pm  *  6:30pm


** Give Back Class

Jackie & Alex

Bikram Yoga Sandy was founded in 2003 by Jackie & Alex Wheeler. Jackie began her Bikram Yoga practice in 1996  and graduated from Bikram's Yoga College of India Teacher Training program in 2000.  Alex began his practice in Oregon in 2000 and graduated from teacher training in 2003.

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