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Applied Solar Energy Solutions will pay your electric bill* beginning the day you sign up to go solar until your system is installed!  What will you do with all that extra money in your pocket each month?Imagine the peace of mind that comes with installing a solar energy system from Applied Solar Energy Solutions. Hurry!  Offer ends Jan. 31st!
Why lease your solar array when you can own your equipment outright for less?  Over the last two years, the cost of solar equipment has dropped considerably.  There was a time when solar leases made sense because of the upfront cost involved in going solar.  Now with the cost of solar equipment at an all time low and incentives (see below) at an all time high, there has never been a better time purchase a solar energy system! Why lease and save $20/mo. for 15 years and deal with an end of lease fair market value buy-out when you can eliminate your electric bill forever by purchasing your own equipment.  
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*up to $750 maximum in combined bills paid. 


  • 20% State Rebate*
  • 30% Federal Tax Credit (applied dollar for dollar towards your tax bill)
  • Local Incentives (such as permit fee waivers)*
  • Property Tax Exemption
*Rebates are approx. and vary by utility.  Local incentives vary. 
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  • 20% State Rebate*
  • 30% Federal Cash Grant (received  within 90 days of install)
  • 5-Year Accelerated Depreciation
  • Year 1 Bonus Depreciation
  • Property Tax Exemption
  • Local Incentives (such as permit fee waivers)*
  • Improved Cash Flow-Reduce or Eliminate Electricity Costs
  • "Green Business" Marketing Opportunity
 *Rebates are approx. and vary by utility.  Local incentives vary. 

We will pay your Electric Bill!!

Beginning the day you sign up to install solar with Applied SES until the day your system is installed Applied SES will pay your electric bill (up to a maximum of $750 combined paid bills).  Contact US Today at (714) 871-1047 or visit our website at to schedule your FREE in home site analysis and find out if your property is suitable for solar!
Offer Expires: January 31, 2009