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Dr. Murray Susser, MD

Murray Susser, MD
 Teaching at
The Sacred Space
Sunday May 15, 2011  4PM

Having been a full time practicing Chiropractor for over 20 years I'm very excited to introduce Dr. Murray Susser, MD  to our community.  He works within a paradigm that is synchronous with my personal outlook on healing.  
His philosophical base deals with healing people from the inside out with careful diagnosis and evaluation. Then utilizing diet, exercise, nutritional supplementation, and hormonal balancing he nudges the person gently into truly functional metabolism and clear state of mind. 
He is a true pioneer in holistic medicine, as practiced by MD's. I first met him because I was selling a piece of medical equipment and he answered the advertisement. Not much later, his wife Phyllis became my patient. Then we had dinner, and then we were friends.


 He was a Fighter-Pilot in the US Airforce and has a fearlessness within him that has allowed him to take on the medical establishment on many issues. Most doctors practice as they are taught, in the era that Susser went to medical school, I believe, the underlying premise for treating patients was "stamp out the symptom and you have succeeded" as a chiropractor I was taught that thesymptom is "the fire alarm" track and find it's source and you can help set up the circumstance for healing from within.


The medical license is the absolute best license to practice under as it gives you an unlimited scope of what you can do, an MD can take courses and
learn to do what a chiropractor does and do it, whereas the chiropractic license is much narrower in scope.
The limiting factor for MD's though is the medical "culture" they operate within which is financed in a large part by the pharmaceutical


Please remember the medical schools were established by the pharmaceutical industry. The culture is changing, as the present generation
is more open to rebuilding, detoxification, and true biochemical balancing as apposed to sweeping symptoms away.


He has worked with the greatest alternative MD's in the world. He knows treatments that are being used worldwide and curing conditions by methods not approved in the USA. He's a true researcher with a wealth of knowledge and knows the subtle protocols for true longevity medicine. He's also the real deal as a human, a lovable friendly knowledgeable soul, a father, grandfather, and husband.


Come and listen and see if what he says about conditions he has treated and the results obtained, what longevity methods he is currently using, and the state of medicine today. He will be entertaining, and if you have a condition that you have not found a treatment that has helped, possibly he may have
insights for you. He will have a question and answer period.


He's not fresh out of medical school he's had over thirty thousand patients during his 45-year medical career; he speaks with true experience of what is


We are truly privileged to have him at The Sacred Space.  He may help you make changes that may lead you to a healthful path in preserving your health and options for health challenges you may be facing. 


He is currently in practice in West Los Angeles.
Cost for this lecture is $18.  
Visit his website:

Murray Susser, MD 

Sunday May 15th  4pm
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Every Body
A Doctor

Sunday May 8th meet Dr. Susser and see what is possible in viewing the human body from a truly holistic medicine, non invasive viewpoint.

If you've been waiting and looking to find the doctor with the right protocol to help you on your way to optimal health, you may want to meet and hear what Dr. Susser has to say.

The unfortunate truth about medicine today is as follows: Doctors are faced with overwhelming pressure from health and malpractice insurance and pharmaceutical companies. With many doctors, the healer part that was part of them when they entered medical school has been diluted through the business part of being in practice.

Of course, there is a place for emergency medicine, surgery, and pharmaceuticals. But prevention and healing from the root causes of dis-ease is the true way to keep your well being and longevity.

Many doctors end up doing what may be deemed lawsuit prevention medicine and they end up complying to the wishes of health insurance companies so they can get paid, not what is truly best for the patient. They are frequented by pharmaceutical sales people who give them loads of samples and other perks (it's not too different from what lobbyists do to politicians.) The companies advertise their products and there you go.

So please go to
Dr. Susser's web site
and check him out and come hear him speak. I'm certain it will be well worth your time.


Sunday May 15th 4PM

Murray Susser, MD
Seating is limited to 45 people

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