Terrance Glassman & Victoria Johnson
The Relationship between Human Development 
and The Earth's Transit Though the Cosmos 
Terrance & Victoria

Share An Afternoon of Cosmic Exploration

Victoria Johnson  

& Terrance Glassman

Live at The Sacred Space

Sunday April 10, 2011  4 PM 


Terrence A. Glassman, M. Arch.

President, TAG Design


Distinguished educator, architect, design scientist, developmental psychologist, author & inventor.  A Professor of Architecture, he was a founding faculty member of SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture) & the founding director of IFS (Institute for Future Studies).  Described as a "practical visionary," he is dedicated to making the world work for all humanity.  His career encompasses architecture, urban planning, research & education.    


Since his earliest experience with Buckminster Fuller in the 1960's, Mr. Glassman has employed a holistic multidisciplinary methodology to design "healthy" environments that nurture the development of human potential.  Among his accomplishments, Mr. Glassman was co-director of the team that created the AIA award winning design of the U.S. Space Station Crew Quarters for NASA & led the team that produced the Master Plan for the popular "Third Street Promenade" in Santa Monica, California.     


Mr. Glassman was educated at UC Berkeley, Harvard & MIT.  He holds multiple degrees in architecture with combined studies in developmental psychology & education.  He has taught at UC Berkeley, University of Colorado, & SCI-Arc.  He served as the Director of Educational Development for the Buckminster Fuller Institute.


DAETRIX:  The Art of Time®, invented by Mr. Glassman, exemplifies Buckminster Fuller's design science principle of "doing the most with the least."  Glassman holds multiple International & U.S. patents for his visionary inventions.



Victoria Ann Johnson, M.A. 

A Marriage and Family Therapist and Psychological Consultant, Victoria is in private practice in Boca Raton, Florida and has provided professional services for individuals, families, groups, businesses and organizations for thirty years. She believes everyone is a divine manifestation of Spirit in a human Earth form. She delights in helping people discover their unique essence, turn emotional "holes" into  "wholeness" and spiral upwards on their personal path of transformation.


PLAYWORKS is an educational, creative process and therapy created by Victoria, in which she "makes complex issues simple, abstract concepts concrete, and combines 'ahas' and 'ha-has'." She is the author of Johnson's Emotional First Aid, How to Increase Your Happiness, Peace & Joy and Dandelion, The Lion Who Meowed. She has presented her work nationwide at professional conferences and in the national media.


Co-Creator of the DAETRIX LifeCycle Transformational Process™, she co-facilitates the DAETRIX® Workshops. She is co-author of the forthcoming book, Revolve, Evolve & Love, presenting the personal and professional applications and theoretical aspects of DAETRIX®.


Victoria was Coordinator of the South Florida Chapter of the Association for Humanistic Psychology and Founder and President of Share, Inc., a non-profit service organization. As Co-Director of Third Wind, a Florida residential retreat center, she directed community transformational programs and events, and was Psychological Consultant for Transformation Associates.  She has a B.A. in Social Psychology and a M.A. in Counseling Psychology and was awarded membership in Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society.


Space is very limited. We can only seat 45 people
Cost for this event is $18.
Sunday April 10, 2010  4 PM
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Victoria Johnson
& Terrance Glassman
A Compelling Examination of How we are Related to Time & Space 

They are an interesting couple to say the least.


Victoria has a softness that lets you connect with your internal journey while our planet "Earth" is on it's physical journey through time and space.


Terrance is a highly intellectual and skilled mathematician and architect that has put the  space journey of earth through the cosmos, our life cycle, and our DNA into a cohesive  and compelling explanation that is graphically demonstrated.


So if someone walked in and started showing me all Terrance has put together, I would be skeptical. But then again, he worked with Buckminister Fuller, NASA, attended and taught at Berkeley & Harvard. After explaining some of the principles of how his ingenious calendar/chart works and applying it to myself - I guess I am shocked that it actually coincides with my personal life cycle and events that have occurred in my life.


Each person attending will be able to have the same experience and find insights into their journey in this life through mathematics that govern at least the solar system and maybe the universe.


This lecture will add to your personal awakening process and will be a "wonder" in your mind as it is in mine.

Join Terrance and Victoria
The Sacred Space
Sunday April 10, 4 PM

Space is very limited. We can only seat 45 people
Cost for this event is $18.
Sunday April 10,  4 PM
Click here for reserved seats:

It's also possible a few seats will be available at the door  but for guaranteed seating please reserve.


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