Ed Bastian, PhD
Connection of Spiritual Paths
the wisdom of the world's profound contemplative traditions
Ed Bastian teaching

Teaching at
The Sacred Space
Sunday December 19, 2010  4PM

Dr. Ed Bastian
President Spiritual Paths Foundation

Ed's Doctorate is in Buddhist Studies and Western Philosophy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He studied for nearly a decade with Buddhist Monks in monasteries in the U.S., India and the Himalayas. As a Fulbright Scholar, he studied Indian philosophy at Banares Hindu University and translated Buddhist scriptures from Tibetan and Sanskrit sources.

At the Smithsonian Institution, he served as Director of programs on Bio-diversity and Intellectual History, where he taught courses and moderated conferences on Buddhism, world religion, and Tibetan human rights. He has lectured, presented scholarly papers and his films in the U.S., England, Japan and India. Bastian is the Executive Producer of television programs on Asian religion for the BBC, PBS, and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

With the help of a great board of directors and teachers from many traditions, Ed Bastian founded the Spiritual Paths Foundation in 2000 in Aspen, Colorado.  In so doing, he combined his interests in Buddhism, InterSpirituality, education, and social change through the integration of contemplative wisdom, compassion, and active participation in local, regional, and global issues such as the environment, social justice, communitarian governance, and healing.

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Sunday December 19, 2010  4 PM
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Visit: Spiritual Paths Foundation & Institute

There is great material on their web site, it is inspirational and motivating for helping and inspiring us on our personal journeys. When Ed teaches he is the match for your fire!

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"Humanity stands at a crossroads between horror and hope. In choosing hope, we must seed a new consciousness, a radically fresh approach to life drawing its inspiration from perennial spiritual and moral insights, intuition and experience. We call this new awareness Interspiritual, implying not the homogenization of religion, but the recovering of the shared mystic heart beating in the center of the world's deepest spiritual traditions."
Wayne Teasdale, Mystic Heart

Introduction to InterSpirituality

The religious landscape of the world is changing. No longer solely dominated by separate and securely entrenched religious institutions, the religious lives of people, especially people in the United States, Canada and other postindustrial nations, are increasingly defined by a sense of individual freedom, universality and association with more than one religious or spiritual tradition.

By encouraging InterSpirituality we do not intend the blending of religions or the ending of religious diversity. On the contrary, by InterSpirituality we mean the increasing spiritual creativity emerging from the meeting of, and dialogue between, the world's major religious traditions. This meeting acknowledges differences between religions and affirms the greater unity they all share. This unity provides the common ground from which religious diversity flowers. People are discovering that their respect for and love of the religion of their birth need not preclude a similar respect for the full range of human spiritual creativity.

This discovery is fueling the growing interest in InterSpiritual study, practice, and lifestyle. We aim, therefore, to encourage "the recovery of the shared mystic heart beating in the center of the world's deepest spiritual traditions." InterSpirituality is a profound way of working toward the goal of global understanding, respect, and peace by elucidating the common themes, methodologies, meanings and truths of the world's religions while respecting the unique gifts and particularities of each tradition.

In my belief it's always been, all the rivers lead to the ocean. It's by seeing the similarities between the religious paths and not the differences that this world will make progress towards world harmony.

Ed Bastian is returning from India on December 11th; we are privileged to have him teach in our intimate venue.

He is a bright light and an inspiration at the end of this year and for the new year of  2011.

Sunday December 19th 4PM
Ed Bastian, PhD
Seating is limited to 45 people

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You may also call
The Sacred Space
805 565-5535
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It's also possible a few seats will be available at the door  but for guaranteed seating please reserve.

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