Zechaiah Patrol Report
The Challenges of Being a Watchman

Also, News about the New Book, Who  Is Israel? - Redeemed Israel - A Digest
    The challenge to be a watchman was long-ago laid before Ephraim and he failed at it. The question is, will we Ephraimites successfully meet these challenges in our day?

    Hosea said Ephraim was once calleWatchamn on Walld to be a "watchman with his God" (Hosea 9:8). Unfortunately, Ephraim was not a good watchman. However, in our day, many Ephraimites feel called by YHVH to stand guard on their watchman's post.

    May it be that we will successfully fulfill our call.

    This call of the Ruach haKodesh (Spirit) that many are now feeling has a prophetic ring to it, because YHVH ordained that it will yet be even as Jeremiah prophesied: "There shall be a day when [Ephraimite] watchmen shall call out, "Arise and let us go up to Zion, to our God (Jeremiah 31:6).

    We know several things about this prophesied call: It has not yet happened, and fulfilling it requires that the lost sheep of Israel come to the knowledge that they are part of the commonwealth of Israel (Ephesians 2:12-19). In other words, they need to not only be sheep that know the Shepherd's voice on an individual basis, but they also need to be sheep that understand that they are members of the Shepherd's flock, that they are part of the house of Israel (John 10:16). This call is especially supposed to be fulfilled by Ephraim, when he is once again a mighty man and a recognizable people. And now, our generation is the first generation in which this prophecy could possibly be fulfilled... (Zechariah 10:7-10).

     The condition is, it will only happen in our generation if we Messianic forerunners awaken sufficient numbers of sheep who are presently lost to an understanding of their identity. We need enough numbers to fulfill the great mystery that Paul speaks of when he tells of the "fullness of the gentiles coming in" (Romans 11:25). This important promise not only speaks of an unspecified number, but it also speaks of a certain "maturation" of that number. In on other words, they do as outlined in Hebrews 6:1-17. They grow beyond the elementary (but necessary) teachings of the Gospel and embrace the full truth concerning the Father's great promise to our forefather, Abraham. They see how it is that they are "part" of the people of Israel and begin to love their brothers in a new and more profound way. (For more information, see the book, Redeemed Israel- Reunited and Restored, by Batya Wootten.)
    Those who feel they have received a watchman's call from the Father have been given an awesome responsibility. It is described in YHVH's Word to Ezekiel: " I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore you shall hear a word from My mouth and warn them for Me. He who hears your word and does to heed the warning, his blood shall be on his own head. But he who takes the warning will save his life. But if you do not warn the people, then the blood of the people you were given to warn I will require at your hand" (Ezekiel 33:1-7).

    In these verses we see that there are potential consequences that await those who do not fulfill their mission. Thus, it would be beneficial for all watchmen to seek to turn lost sheep into found sheep. It would be good to help uninformed Believers so that they, in turn, can accomplish their mission. It is time for us to realize that Believers understand about the need to have an individual relationship with the Shepherd, but most have not yet seen that they are part of Israel and thus have a profound call on their lives. They have not seen this truth because Ephraim was punished with a blinding punishment that has lasted for the past 2730 years. And now it is time for us to understand the truth. It is time for Israel's watchmen to arise and minister the truth abot the whole house of Israel to their brethren. (For more information see the book, Restoring Israel's Kingdom, by Angus Wootten.)

    We need to walk tall and tell the truth now. We need to become a people who are celebrating our living relationship with Israel's Messiah, our love of the eternal truths of Torah, and the fact that we are empowered to walk in those truths by YHVH's Holy Spirit, the Ruach haKodesh. (For more information see the books, Israel's Feast and their Fullness, and The Voice- Hearing the Almighty, both by Batya Wootten. Also see Israel- Empowered by the Spirit by Smith and Wootten.)

    Accomplishing these lofty goal calls for a team effort. It also calls for effective word weapons. To help you help others, in addition to the above footnoted books, we want to make you a special offer for a free small book Ephraim and Judah - Israel Revealed.

    Over the past several years, with a lot of help from you, our friends, we have managed to distribute some 20,000 copies of this small book. To
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    Surely, eBooks that you can read on your commuter or electronic reading device and print out have some advantages. However, many people still like to have book in their hands. So, we would like to have Batya's new Digest rolling off the presses as soon as possible. But we have a challenge. To keep the price down we need to print in quantity: the larger the quantity the smaller the cost of an individual copy, but the greater the total cost. In other words, it calls for an investment in inventory.

    The title of this article is The Challenges of Being a Watchman. It is a dual challenge: The Challenge of Being a Watchman and The Challenge of Providing Word Weapons for Watchman. One way we can meet this dual challenge by having:

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    Working together as a team we can get the job done! We can get the message out to Israel's lost sheep. We will surely have a happy Shepherd and happy sheep. Best of all we will be in line to receive the accolade, "Good and faithful servant well done!"

    We thank you in advance for your support.

Angus and Batya
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