Summer 2012

Dear all,

It’s a pleasure to introduce myself to every single one of you as I assume my duties as the new Head of School at TGS. I have worked for many years in international schools, and I really value the opportunity that contemporary young people have to foster authentic and enduring understandings by living and studying together. I hope that our students will enjoy the many learning opportunities that they are to encounter, and I believe that they will succeed academically and move effortlessly in to the university of their choice. But I also anticipate that TGS students will, as the direct result of being caring global citizens, also be prepared to make a difference in our world; a world that continues to suffer from famine, disease, social unrest, and misery for many. I know that together we can help to make a better tomorrow for us all.

We have included below a preview of our upcoming 2012-13 school year as well as a look back at some of the highlights from our recently completed Berlin term. Please also find important information regarding our International Baccalaureate authorization and Western Association of Schools and Colleges accreditation.


Alun Cooper
Head of School


Announcing Our 2012-13 Locations
By Ashley Silver
Head of Operations and weXplore

My name is Ashley Silver, and I am responsible for setting up each host city as well as running the school headquarters in New York City. It is with great joy and enthusiasm that I make a few well-awaited announcements... Read more..

TGS Receives IB Authorization And WASC Accreditation

2012 has been a distinguishing year for THINK Global School, as we received authorization from both the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) to begin issuing each organization’s diplomas beginning with our first graduating class in 2014.

Read about our IB Authorization | Read about our WASC Accreditation

What Are You Doing? A Photoblog
By Charis S
10th Grade Student

Good question, isn’t it? During the scavenger hunt last week, a lot of sightings of this strange baboon were made. I loved it. I found it both really funny and smart. What am I doing? This question popped into.. Read more..

Custom-Made Guides Through The Art And Press Exhibition
By CÚcile B. Evans
Creative Arts Teacher

As part of Creative Arts, I took the students to Art and Press at Martin Gropius Bau, an exhibition about several artists’ relationship to the media. The class is focused on new media and impermanent art works like performance, internet art.. Read more..

Padlocks On A Berlin Bridge -- A Poem
By Yuan K
9th Grade Student

This poem is about what I saw during the scavenger hunt in Berlin. There were padlocks with engraved names everywhere. Apparently, lovers put them there and throw the key in the river to represent their unbreakable.. Read more..

5 Things Learned On The Trip To Bavaria
By Monique Lefebvre
ResLIFE Advisor

We scheduled a side trip from Munich to the Bavarian Alps for a hike up Wank (pronounced “Vank”) Mountain. Located close to the Austrian border, we arrived in the teeny town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen the night before our adventure. Our hostel was situated along a stream.. Read more..