Spring 2012

After three very exciting months, it is now time for the TGS community to put Chiang Mai in the category of "been there, done that!" We would like to extend a massive thank you to our host school PTIS for showing us the ropes, and helping make our stay the success that it was. We now have our sights set squarely on Berlin to close out the 2011-2012 school year.

If the challenging academics and exotic excursions at TGS sound appealing, we encourage you to apply for 2012-2013. Openings and scholarships are still available in a limited capacity. Learn more at: http://thinkglobalschool.org/admissions/admissions-overview/

We hope you enjoy the following selection of student and faculty journals from our time in Thailand. Your feedback is always welcome. And with that we are off to prepare for Germany!

-THINK Global School


Students Transform Into Delegates At Model United Nations
By Pema T
10th Grade Student

“Ow! Why in the world did I bring heels!” utters Alice, leaning against the wall as we climb up the stairs. Her hair is pinned up, her make-up impeccable. I look down at my own shoes. Red, three-inch, suede ones. They stuck out from the black and white flats in the crowd.. Read more...

Examining The Controversial Situation With Domesticated Elephants In Thailand
By Jarret Voytilla
Science Teacher

One of the many things we try to do in Science as we travel around the globe is examine regional environmental value systems and explore local issues in conservation management. We began this investigation.. Read more...

The First TGS Tennis Tournament Takes Place In Thailand
By Gijs D
10th Grade Student

Last Saturday was an eventful day. Together, Gawa, Ambika, and I formed a tennis tournament within a week’s time!

We had twelve people participating through out the whole tournament. We decided to create doubles teams.. Read more...

Exploring Prejudice In Thailand
By Charis S
10th Grade Student

The world we live in is inhabited by all sorts of different people, yet we are all the same in a way. Differences, however, can scare us and make us come with judgements without concrete reasons. This can.. Read more..

Our Time With The Palong Hill Tribe
By Maya M
9th Grade Student

The first thing we saw of the community was a bridge. A home-built, rough bridge made of thick trunks and tree planks. It was one of those bridges you don’t really know what to expect from, but as you walk on it is surprisingly stable. I feel like this bridge mirrored.. Read more...

Observing Cultural Diffusion On The Walls Of Wat Rong Khun
By Irene Krugman
Literature Teacher

I never thought I would walk into a temple in Thailand and say, “Look at the Angry Birds dive-bombing the World Trade Center!” but that is exactly what I said upon visiting the shrine.. Read more...