July 2011

15 Kids Someone told me 'you can't change the world
with just 15 kids'

By Joann McPike

I have to disagree. I have changed the world with 15 kids, and it's a better world because of it. Read more...

School is a State of Mind
By Brad Ovenell-Carter
Head of School

Here we are at the end of our first year! I remember the intense curiosity I once felt as I wondered what it would feel like to one day write that line. Read more...

A Weekend of Art in Beijing
By Julian Tavalin
Beijing Artist

Ashley Silver and James Fletcher were my first contact with TGS, and I was immediately struck by how they both balanced a high degree of professionalism with being very relaxed and easy going.  From the moment I sat down, I didn’t feel the usual scrutiny and pressure of a job interview. I felt like these people were genuinely interested in who we were, the expats in China, and what we could offer to enrich the experience of the students who were slated to arrive in the country within six weeks. Read more...

The Wall
By Marta Guevara
Spanish Teacher

"Look, look up there, I can see it now",  I don't turn around. I want the Wall to find me, and not vice versa.  If it's as big as they say, well, let it impress me by showing itself.  I keep still in the bus looking out the window.  I'm close to the front since I get dizzy in the back of the bus.  About 15 minutes go by, more sightings are shared amongst the students. I'm stubborn and refuse to look.  

Embracing the challenge I have set for it, we turn around a corner, and there it is in front of me.  The mountain chain, and at its top: the "old dragon."  It curls its sleek body up and down the outline of the mountains.  It lies there quiet, imposing and grandiose.  Read more...

My time at THINK Global School
By Piran
9th grade student

It all started when I wanted to leave Germany for a year, to see how it is to be away from family and because I wanted to improve my English. Read more...