March 2011

By Founder Joann McPike

Dear Friends of TGS,

Greetings from Sydney! Our second trimester is in full swing, and the students are enjoying every moment.


The people of Australia have welcomed us with open arms, and our 9th graders are experiencing all that this beautiful country has to offer: exploring the rainforest, participating in undersea scientific research, scaling rock walls, learning from indigenous peoples and interacting with unique animals. In addition to our weXplore activities, the teachers, students and staff of MLC, our host school, have made us feel at home. Collaborating and learning together has been a joy. In our last few weeks down under, students will have even more opportunities to learn about the people, culture and history of this amazing country.

Follow along with us as we continue our tour around the world and turn our focus ahead to the third trimester in Beijing, China.

Joann McPike
TGS Founder

Sydney Trimester Highlights

TGS students have explored Australia from all angles: high in the mountains, in subterranean caves, under the ocean. They've hiked lush rainforests, descended waterfalls and climbed rock walls. Wildlife experts have introduced students to Australia's unique animals like the koala and echidna. They've climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge, visited Kangaroo Island and even participated in a Lunar New Year parade. Click the links above to learn more about all of these TGS weXplore adventures.
TGS: In their own words

TGS students have the opportunity to travel the globe, have unique experiences and meet amazing people. Through their own photos and words, they continue to reflect and share their experiences online with the entire world. Follow along with their adventures by browsing the student-authored posts on our blog: Click here to explore them all
Spot: TGS's Own Social Network

What keeps TGS connected to parents, teachers, staff, family and friends around the world? It's Spot! Spot is TGS's own social network, learning management tool and photo-sharing platform — in short, it is a hub for all TGS activity. There's even a channel for the public. Check out posts, photos and videos created by TGS teachers, students and staff now at:
Next Stop: Beijing

In just a few short weeks, we'll pack our bags yet again! TGS's next stop is Beijing, China. Students have been preparing for this leg of the journey since school started in September. Under the guidance of Mandarin teacher Sherry Zhang, students have already learned several key phrases and vocabulary that will help them communicate with the people of China. They've also learned some of the culture and history of this fascinating country, preparing them to fully appreciate their time there. While in Beijing, our host school will be Beijing BISS International School. We're looking forward to partnering with BISS's faculty, staff and students.