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Auction and Ding & Dent Sale!
40-90% off slightly damaged new games
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Bring your items to auction or take advantage of our deeply discounted games with slight damage. This quarterly event features amazing deals on a large, random assortment of games. You never know what you'll find! It's also an opportunity to do some Spring cleaning and trade up to some games you'll actually play!

If you wish to auction your old games, please bring them to the store any time the week before the auction.
Auction and Ding & Dent Sale
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Date: August 30th, 2009 (Sunday)
Time: 11:30 AM
Black Diamond Games

$25,000 of new games with slight damage!

Here's a list of "ding & dent" games we've received from various publishers and distributors. These will be sold at 40-90% off, with some high value items in limited quantities auctioned live.

10 Days In Asia  3
40K: Planetstrike  1
40K RPG: Creatures Anathema  2
4E: Adv. Players Guide  5
4E: Pyramid Of Shadows  25
A Song Of Fire + Ice  7
A Taste For Wine & Murder  6
A&A Guadalcanal  21
A&A Pacific  2
A&A Revised  3
A&A Minis 1939-1945  11
Apples to Apples Party Box  5
Age Of Conan  2
Age Of Steam  2
Agricola  12
Android  2
Arkham Horror  3
Arkham Horror Kingsport  5
AT-43 Operation Frostbite 5
Attack  1
Battlelore: Call To Arms  5
Backseat Drawing  2
Battle Over Britain  1
Battlestar Galactica  7
Battlestation Revised  1
Battue: Storm Of The Horses  2
Bella Sara: Mini Series  2
Be-Rhymed  1
Blokus  20
Blood Of Noble Men  1
Blue Moon City  3
Blue+Grey  1
Carcassonne Hunter Gatherer  1
Cash N Guns  1
Chateau Roquefort  1
Chickyboom  1
Coc: Midnight Harvest  1
Conflict Of Heroes  6
Cortex System Core  4
Cosmic Encounter  5
Cranium  20
Cranium Family Edition  1
Cutthroat Caverns  2
D&D Players Kit  1
D&D Starter Set  2
Decent: Journey Into The Dark  15
Decent: Tomb Of Ice  1
Deluxe Box Of Bunco  1
Deluxe Pit  2
Deluxe Weed  2
Dominion  3
Dominoes: Double 12 4
Dominoes: Double 6  6
Espana  4
Field Commander-Alexander  4
Fluxx: Monty Python  7
Fluxx:4.0  8
Forged In Fire  1
Formula D  8
Fr: Campaign Guide  6
Galaxy Trucker Big  2
Ghost Stories  3
Head Of State  10
Hold The Line  2
Honky Tonk Homicide  1
Illium  2
Inn Fighting  5
Jamaica  1
Jenga Boston  1
Jenga Yanks  1
Jet Set  1
Kb: Red  1
Kb: Stainless Steel  1
Kill Doctor Lucky  6
Killer Bunnies Khaki  1
Kingdom Of Avalon  3
Kotor:Sw Minis 175
Last Night On Earth  20
Last Word  1
Life: Family Y Guy  2
Life: Wizard Of Oz  1
Link 26  2
Lord Of The Ring  1
Mad Gab  2
Mekton 2 Plus  1
Mutants & Masterminds
Monopoly My Villains  7
Monopoly: Beatles  3
Monopoly: Oakland Raiders  2
Monopoly: James Bond  1
Mr. Jack  2
Napoleon Triumph  1
Ninja Vs Ninja  4
Neuroshima Hex  1
Order Of The Stick  2
Pandemic  8
Parcheesi Royal  1
Pasta, Passion, & Pistols  3
Pathfinder: Campaign Setting (Hc)  4
Pig Pile  3
Python-Opoly  2
Qwirkle  7
Racing N Rodeos  1
Rifts: Ultimate  2
Risk: God Storm  1
Risk1959  3
Rubiks You Can Do It  5
Ruin  2
Run For Your Life Candy  2
Runebound  5
Smart Ass Game  2
Smart Party  1
Smugglers  4
Star Trek All About Trivia  1
Star Trek Scrabble  1
Start Player  6
Staying Alive Mystery  1
Steam Age  2
Stone Age  4
Stratego Dem Vs Rep 6
Super Scrabble  3
Supernova  1
Talisman Rev. 4Th  1
Talisman: The Dungeon  1
Taluva  1
The Big Taboo  1
The Forgotten War  1
The Lost Notebooks Of  2
The Memoirs Of Aub  1
The Random  2
Thousand Thrones  1
Til' Death Do Us Part 6
Times Up Deluxe 2
Times Up Total Recall  1
Titan  7
Tide of Iron: Days Of The Fox  4
Toledo  3
Touch Of Evil  7
Trafalgar  1
Travel Blokus  2
Tunnels & Trolls V7.5  2
Twilight Impirium: Shattered  1
Valor Of The Gaurds  1
Wasabi  7
Wdc: When Darkness Comes  1
Whfrpg: Misc  1
Wings Of War Playmat - East 5
Wow Minis: Core.  13
Wow: The Adv. Game  4

Amazing Customer Auctions!

First Editions Role-Playing Collection:

Ancient Prophecy
Dungeons & Dragons

Ancient Prophecy
Chivalry & Sorcery

Ancient Prophecy

Ancient Prophecy

Huge War Games Collection:

Ancient Prophecy
Ancient ProphecyAncient Prophecy
Ancient ProphecyAncient Prophecy
Ancient ProphecyAncient Prophecy
Ancient ProphecyAncient Prophecy
Ancient ProphecyAncient Prophecy

Complete List:

13: The Colonies in Revolt
Afrika Korps
After the Holocaust
American Civil War
Army Group South (Four Battles)SPI
BAOR (British Army of the Rhine)
Basketball Strategy
Battle for Germany
Battle for Hue
Battle of Monmouth
Battle of Nations
Battle of the Bulge
Battle Over Britain
Berlin '85
Blue & Gray
Central Command
China War
Combined Arms
Cromwell's Victory
Crude the oil game (aka McMulti)
Desert Fox
Drive on Stalingrad
Fall of Rome
Fast Carriers 1941-77
Fifth Corps
Fighting Sail
Flat Top 
Football Strategy
Foreign Exchange
Fortress Europa
France 1940
Frederick the Great
Invasion America
Island War
Iwo Jima
Kaiser's Battle
Korea: The Mobile War 1950-51
Le Mans
MacArthur the Road to Bataan
Modern Battles
Monty's D-Day
Napoleon at Waterloo
Napoleon's Art of War
Napoleon's Last Battles
Ney vs Wellington
Nord Kapp
North Africa (Four Battles in North Africa)
Nuclear Destruction
Objective Moscow
Objective Tunis
October War
Oil War
Operation Grenade
Operation Olympic
Origins of World War II
Outdoor Survival
Pacific Fleet
Pacific War
Panzer Armee Afrika
Panzer Leader
Panzergruppe Guderian
Patton's 3rd Army
Pearl Harbor
Plot to Assassinate Hitler
Punic Wars
Red Sun Rising (Russo Japanese 1904-05)
Revolt in the East
Sicily: The Race for Messina
Siege of Constantinople
Sixth Fleet
Sixth Fleet
Soldiers of the Queen
Solomons Campaign
South Africa
Squad Leader
Stalin's Tanks
StarForce Alpha Centauri
Strategy 1
Strike Force One
Strike Force One
Superpowers at War
The Crusades
The Guns of August
The Stock Market Game
Their Finest Hour
Third Reich
Thunder at Luetzen
Tokyo Express
Trail of the Fox
War and Peace
War and Peace
War in Europe (War in the West & War in the East)
Warrior Knights
Wooden Ships & Iron Men
World War 1
World War II: European Theater of Operations