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Special Events
Sunday, August 30th, 11:30am-4pm
Auction Photoction and Ding & Dent Sale
We've got over $35,000 worth of items on sale at 40-90% off!  Besides 50 boxes worth of slightly damaged games, we received a fantastic selection of customer items, including highly valuable collectibles. Buy part of a 40 years collection worth of war games or rare versions of vintage role-playing games.

11:30am Auction area (game center) opens for "buy it now" flea market style shopping.

1:00pm Live Auction begins ("buy it now" tables will be open throughout the event)

Saturday, September 5th, 12pm

Magic: The Gathering: Planechase Launch Party

Multiplayer Mayhem

PlanechaseThe Planechase plane cards introduce a groundbreaking new way to experience planeswalking. Through this innovative new kind of card, two or more players can battle each other across a variety of diverse worlds, each with its own unique effect on the game.

These thrilling new conditions add a whole new layer of chaos, meaning the only thing you can count on is unpredictability.


Saturday, September 12th, 11am
A Game of Thrones CaliCon III 

Game of Thrones EpicOver the years CaliCon has evolved from a small gathering of friends/AGoT players to a large scale tournament boasting 20+ players from all over the state including world class talent like 2005 World Champion, John Bruno and local KublaCon legend, Kevin Yin. Both previous years the coveted CaliCon Cup, the first place prize, has been claimed by Mr. Bruno, but with his recent withdrawal from the AGoT scene, this years Cup will be graced with a new champion's name.

CaliCon is a wonderful event for all levels of players, from beginner to advanced to Kevin (who quite frankly is in a league of his own). We encourage casual, friendly tournament play while offering that competitive edge every card player desires.

Saturday September 12th, 1pm-7pm
Warhammer 40K Tournament

Points: 1500
Hellhoundable: 6'x4'
3, Best overall win-losses
Prizes: 1st place receive GW box set(s) of their choice (restrictions apply, ask staff for details). One lucky runner up will receive the gift certificate prize pool.

Saturday, September 19th, 12pm
Worldwide D&D Game Day

DMG2Bring your friends and join in the fun as we celebrate the release of Dungeon Master's Guide 2, packed with new options for your Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition game.

In the spirit of Dungeon Mastering, we're giving you the opportunity to create and show off your very own adventure! Work as a team to build encounters using the materials provided. After your team has finished, play another team's adventure or DM the one your team created. We provide you with everything you need -- maps, miniatures, monster stats, and how-to instructions. Just bring your imagination, a pencil or pen, and some dice!

Just for playing, you'll take home the pregenerated character sheet and a miniature of the character you played. If you DM the game, you'll take home a poster map of the encounter areas and a pack of monster miniatures used in the adventure.

Saturday, September 26th, 11:30am+
Magic: The Gathering Zendikar Pre-Release

: Sealed
, DCI Sanctioned
Seating: 60
Fee: $30

Pre-release for the new Magic set! Sealed format comprised of 6 Magic Zendikar packs. $30 entry fee. Exclusive foil cards will be given out to all participants! Prizes are given to a wider range of top winners than most tournaments.

If you can't make the pre-release, the launch party is the following Saturday (10/3)
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Regular Events
Ancient ProphecySunday: 10am-6pm
Skirmish Minis Sunday: Warmachine, Hordes, Infinity
Warmachine, Hordes and Infinity are the featured games for this regular all day league event.

Monday: 6-10pm

40KWarhammer 40K Campaign
Our ongoing 40K campaign. This casual group welcomes new players and you can join at any time. You play regular games of Warhammer 40K within the framework of our custom campaign.

Tuesday: 6:30-10pm
Boardgame Night
Boardgame NightDust off those games on your shelf, or come down and learn to play your future favorites. Whether you like trains, Euro's, classics, cards, tiles, or big boxes with lots of pieces, Board Game Night could be your new Tuesday night fun time.We usually try to play two or more short to medium length games per table, but will sometimes spend an evening with one longer game.

Wednesday: 6pm-10pm
Pokemon CCG League Night
PekachuThis is a Pay to Play Event. Senior Leaguers must buy a booster pack or $5 Product Voucher. Junior Leaguers play for free!

In 1998, Pokémon fans in the U.S. got their first taste of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Collectors loved the cards for the amazing artwork and special features; gamers loved the strategy and balanced complexity of a game they could play with friends, in local competitions, or at tournaments. The Pokémon Trading Card Game continues to get better and better.

Game of Thrones LCG
Game of ThronesA Game of Thrones: The Card Game is an exercise in intrigue, diplomacy, and strategy for 2-4 players, and is playable in roughly 1-2 hours.

In AGoT:tCG, players take control of one of four major houses of Westeros, and they zealously compete for power (the first player that earns 15 "power tokens" is declared the winner). Each house's deck has different strengths and weakness based on the themes, characters, and locations of George R.R. Martin's epic series.

Thursday: 6pm-10pm
40KDungeons & Dragons RPGA Living Forgotten Realms
Black Diamond is hosting Living Forgotten Realms 4th edition Games. Up to 6 tables are running simultaneously. A $5 fee is charged to offset printing costs, but every participant receives a $5 Product Voucher.  Weekly Details updated on our WarHorn RPGA siteGM: John J & Neil R.

Turbo PackFriday: 3:30pm-6pm
Yu-Gi-Oh CCG Tournament
This Konami sanctioned event features yu-gi-oh play for all ages. Entry to play is $6 and includes a turbo pack. This is a casual, family friendly event. This event is "constructed," so players bring their own cards to play. The only specific tournament rule is adherence to the banned list, a list of cards not allowed in play.

Friday: 6pm-9:30pm
Friday Night Magic
ExiledCome and play Magic: The Gathering. This evening event  follows DCI Booster Draft Format. Event fee: $15 includes 4 booster packs. Every participant gets 1 Pack of Prize for showing up, and adds an aditional pack to the prize pool. This is a fun, casual event for players of all ages and skill levels.

About the Game Center
How does the game center work?
The game center is always open during business hours. You can use the game center to play hobby games, at no charge. Occasionally, there are special events that require an entry fee, but the money is usually used as prize support for the event. The game center is intended as a community center, as opposed to a profit center for the store. By supporting the community, our community supports us back by buying our games.

Where can I find out about center events?
You can view the calendar online here. We also post events on several boards in the store, including a friend finder bulletin board where you can post requests for fellow gamers. You are strongly encouraged to create your own events for in-store play. If you don't see one you're interested in, consider proposing one to a staff member. Most of our events evolve this way. Our only requirement is that your event be open to everyone and be related to products we sell.

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