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Renovate & Rebuild Your Lawn
September 2012

This summer our country experienced one of the worst droughts in years.  Many homeowners have damaged lawns and an overabundance of crabgrass and other weeds.  Fall is a prime time to repair your lawn and establish a strong root foundation before the cold winter months hit.  Still worried about crabgrass in your lawn?  Focus on renovating and rebuilding the lawn now rather than weed control.  The crabgrass will die in the first frost and can be controlled in the springtime.  Remember the best defense against weeds is a healthy, thick lawn.  This month's edition of Timely Tips is all about renovating and rebuilding your lawn for the fall.
Renovating your lawn
Lawn man If your lawn has bare spots or has died due to the extreme temperatures and drought from this summer now is the time to seed.  Choose a quality grass seed to overseed your lawn this fall like our  Fall Magic or Black Beauty Ultra.  Be sure that you properly prepare the seed bed before applying any grass seed.  Rake the area with a metal rake to loosen the soil to help give the seed good soil contact.  Be sure you do not bury the seed!  Most homeowners lawns did not germinate because they bury the grass seed.  Use the back of the rake to press the seed into the soil and then lightly water.  Keep the area moist while the new seedlings establish. 

Not sure what spreader setting to use?  Click here to see settings for all of our seed!
Rebuild the lawn  house in autumn
It is important to give your new grass the nutrients it needs to flourish and establish a thick, healthy  root system.  Apply New Seeding Lawn Fertilizer and Mag-I-Cal the same day you seed.  New Seeding Lawn Fertilizer contains humates which will help build a vigorous root system.  Mag-I-Cal is a form of soluble calcium that will help release the trapped nutrients in the soil and balance the soil pH.  Not sure what your soil pH is?  Take a soil test to determine the pH and remember the range needs to be between 6.0 to 6.8 to successfully grow grass.
Before the Winter
After you have seeded and fertilized your lawn this fall apply our Winter Survival Fall Fertilizer around the first of November.  This will help strengthen the root system  and give the lawn the final boost it needs to survive the winter.  Remember to keep mowing your grass through the fall season to promote healthy growth. 

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