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Summer Lawn Pest Problems
July 2012

Summer is in full swing and so are the lawn pests! Grubs, chinch bugs, ticks, ants and more could be plaguing your lawn right now.  Stop these pests before they ruin your summertime fun with this month's newly redesigned edition of Timely Tips.
Grubs gone wild!
Grubs are prevalent this summer due to the mild winter we experienced.  Grubs work their way to the surface from May-August to lay their eggs for the next season.  This is the perfect time to control them.  If you have had grubs in the past you most likely will have a problem again this summer.  Look for unusual bird activity on your lawn.  If suddenly you notice a lot of birds on your lawn they are eating something and it could be grubs.  Use Jonathan Green Grub Control or Jonathan Green Pest Kill to control grubs.  These products get the job done right and kill grubs all season long.  Be sure to remove dead thatch before applying grub control products and water them into
the lawn for best results.

  Chasing away chinch bugs

Chinch bugs
Chinch bugs have been spotted this summer.  These destructive bugs suck on the grass plant killing it slowly and efficiently.  One of the best defenses against chinch bugs is to plant endophytic enhanced grass seed mixtures.  Our  Black Beauty grass seed contains endophytes which are naturally occurring defenses in the grass plant that taste bad to chinch bugs.  Another way to control chinch bugs is with Jonathan Green Lawn Insect Control.  This product controls over 30 pests including chinch bugs, ticks, fleas, ants and grubs.

Want to know more about endophytes? Click here to learn.
Looking to the future
Black Beauty Grass Seed
Your lawn goes through a lot of stress in the summer.  If you find bare spots in your lawn due to summer stress be sure to reseed this fall.  Choose Jonathan Green Fall Magic grass seed or Jonathan Green Lawn Repair Made Easy to fix these areas.  The soil is warm in the fall making it the best time to seed.  Remember to avoid having so many lawn pest problems next year you need to build a strong foundation by seeding with high quality Jonathan Green grass seed mixtures this fall.
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