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September 2010
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Fall Fertilization
Seeding in the Fall
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Fall Fertilization
When to apply lawn fertilizer is almost as important as the fertilizer you apply. The most important time to apply fertilizer is in the fall. This is when you will want to help the grass plant develop a strong root system that will produce thick, healthy, green grass next spring.

My Jonathan Green Winter Survival Fall Fertilizer provides nutrients to help your lawn develop a stronger, more vigorous root system. This unique formulation, including Iron and Sulfur, makes your lawn thicker and greener than ever before, while preparing the lawn for Winter. Your lawn will stay greener, longer into the year, and will provide better green-up next Spring, too. Winter Survival can be applied to all grass types and at the same time you apply grass seed.

If you are following an organic lawn program, my Jonathan Green Natural Beauty Organic Lawn Fertilizer or my Organic Lawn Fertilizer will improve the health of your soil, repairing damage from the summer heat. A fall application of MAG-I-CAL is ideal to improve soil conditions in place of lime. With 35% calcium, MAG-I-CAL will immediately start adjusting the soil pH, and the humates mixed in with the calcium will really start to inspire the earthworms and microbes to do their work in freeing up those beneficial tied up nutrients in the soil.

To watch me in an informative video about promoting deep root growth with the proper fall fertilization, click here.
Pick up my Soil pH Test Kit to help your lawn rebuilding process!
Jonathan Green Soil pH Test Kit

What a summer! In all my years, I have never seen a summer quite like this year's.  We experienced excessive heat,  multiple generations of chinch bugs on the dryer lawns, fungus on the irrigated lawns.  Challenges everywhere!

Now, it's time to rebuild your lawn. The bugs and fungus, along with the heat, have caused significant turf damage. While many lawns are riddled with weeds and crabgrass, fall is the best time to renovate. Getting good seed established in early fall is better than trying to control existing weeds. Crabgrass will die after the first frost, this usually occurs in early October. A healthy, growing lawn will be the best competition against weeds. Fall lawn seeding is ideal because of better weather conditions, the soil temperature is warm, weed competition is less and the hot dry summer has ended! 
Seeding in the Fall...
grass and fall leaves blowing

When choosing the seed to use, take a look what happened this summer.  Lawns seeded with my Black Beauty grass seed mixture survived this summer's problems.  Black Beauty grass grows a deep tap-root and has an invisible waxy coating on its leaves, both of which help the Black Beauty Fescue plants hold up against heat and drought. Black Beauty is 100% tall fescue. I also have these other mixtures which contain Black Beauty Tall Fescues, including Black Beauty Ultra, Full Sun, Sun and Shade, Dense Shade, Heavy Traffic, Drought Tough, and, of course, Fall Magic. These grass seed mixtures also contain endophytes, which means that the lawns seeded with these grasses are naturally insect resistant.

Remember to pick the seed that will best suit your seeding situation. How shaded is your lawn? Is your soil sandy? Is the pH level of your soil low? You may want to take a soil test to determine the pH level of your soil before seeding. Soils low in pH are prone to moss, bare spots and weeds. Use my Jonathan Green Soil pH Test Kit to determine what your soil will need for ideal growing conditions. The kit includes instructions on adjusting your lawn's pH. Use my Jonathan Green MAG-I-CAL to bring up your pH level. In the absence of a soil test, apply 1 bag of MAG-I-CAL at the correct rate. MAG-I-CAL also contains 35% of a highly soluble form of Calcium, which is readily available for plant uptake and will improve your soil's texture. MAG-I-CAL can be applied on the same day that you seed.

To watch me establish a new lawn from seed in a How-To Video, please click here.

To read a step-by-step guide on seeding from last fall's newsletter, click here.
What you can do for your lawn this fall will strengthen and improve its appearance now, while also making a great foundation for a healthy, green lawn next spring and summer. A healthy lawn will ultimately result in less maintenance, as it will be able to withstand insect, disease and drought damage on it's own.

Enjoy the colors of Autumn!
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