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May 2010
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Time for Tomatoes!
Controlling Ticks
The Grubs are coming...
Time for Tomatoes!
If you're growing your own tomatoes, now is the time to start. It is safe to plant tomatoes in the garden when the temperature is a consistent 50 F. The size of your planting area should help you choose what type of tomatoes you want to plant. There are two different kinds of tomatoes; determinate and indeterminate. Determinates have vines that grow to a determined point and stop, which makes them more bushy, compact and better suited for smaller gardens. Indeterminates are more viney; their vines continue to grow and need support. Determinates tend to be early; while indeterminates are later.  If you are buying seedlings to plant, be careful to pick out healthy plants with no yellowing or speckling on the leaves. Plant tomatoes approximately 2 to 3 feet apart from each other or in rows three feet apart with the plants spaced at a foot. As your plants get larger, they will need to be staked in order to support the weight of the fruits as they begin to grow.

Jonathan Green has the perfect pair for growing the best tomatoes; Tomato Care & Vegetable Food and MAG-I-CAL Pelletized Calcium Fertilizer. Tomato Care is a rich, organic bland of nutrients for tomatoes, which includes sulfur, iron, magnesium and zinc. Tomato Care feeds the soil, so you only need to apply every six weeks during the growing season. MAG-I-CAL has 35% available calcium, essential for healthy plants and inhibiting blossom end rot and anthracnose. MAG-I-CAL also has humates, which encourage microbial soil life and also attract earthworms and increase their population.
MAG-I-CAL Bag & Tomato Care Bag
Time is running out...
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It is officially Spring, and that means it's time to get those gardens going. Growing your own vegetables is a great way to avoid unknown pesticides. May is also the time to start your vigilance against ticks in your lawn and the diseases they carry Grubs are also starting to appear, getting ready to wreak havoc on your lawn if you don't stop them. It's a busy time, and Jonathan Green can help.
Protect Your Family and Pets...
brown tick
The warmer weather and time spent outside on your lawn mean it's time to be cautious about ticks and the health risk they pose. There are over 850 kinds of ticks, about 100 of which are capable of transmitting diseases; multiple diseases can be contracted from a single tick bite.

There are some natural ways to decrease the amount of ticks on your lawn, especially if your property borders woods.  Increase light and reduce dampness around your yard by thinning tree branches that overhang the lawn to let in more light. Clear out low brush, vines and leaf litter each year and keep weeds cut. Keep a well-manicured border with the woods, installing a mulch, wood chip or gravel barrier where your lawn meets the woods is a great defense - the dry barrier makes it harder for the ticks to migrate. Discourage wildlife, which carry ticks into your yard, by reducing their habitat and food sources. Seal cracks in foundation, screen areas under porches and decks. Place woodpiles far from the house. Consider not filling bird, squirrel and other wildlife feeders in the spring and summer when ticks are most active.

To assure tick control, use Jonathan Green Lawn Insect Control or Jonathan Green Pest Kill. Both control ticks, fleas, ants, and 30+ insects.
The Grubs are coming...
Grubs damage your lawn, causing large, irregular sections of brown turf that detach from the soil without effort
May Grub
The first to thing to remember about grubs is that every different type of beetle has its own grub, not just Japanese Beetles.  Each grub species matures at a different time of the year.  However, there is hope.  Jonathan Green Grub Control is ideal for controlling grubs when they emerge from the egg.  It is a season long grub control that acts as an insurance policy, protecting your turf in times of need.     

My recommendation is to apply my Grub Control to grass from the end of May through the end of July.  The active ingredient will control the newly emerging grubs this fall once they begin to feed.  These newly emerging grubs are the ones that devastate turf.  Nothing prevents grubs from hatching; control is achieved when the grub starts to feed on the roots of grass.  My Grub Control is stored in the roots of the grass plants.
With insect problems, you need to address your lawn's resistance to these attacks. Your lawn is only as good as the quality of grass seed you grow. Quality varieties are the key to a healthy lawn in the long run. The best defense from fungus, weeds and bugs is a healthy, thick growing lawn that can withstand heat and drought stress better than poor-performing, common grass seeds.

Enjoy the beauty of Spring!
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