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April 2010
Control Dandelions & Other Weeds Now!

Now that you have dandelions, what can you do?

Here are your options:
cross-section of a dandelion plantWeed & Feed
Lawn Fertilizer

Jonathan Green Weed & Feed Lawn Fertilizer will eliminate dandelions and over 250 other broad leaf and vining weeds while the slow release fertilizer will feed the desirable lawn grasses, helping them to fill in the bare spots left by the retreating dandelions.  Weed & Feed is also STEP #2 in the Jonathan Green Annual Lawn Care Program.

TIP: Over-seed in the Fall to fill in bare spots, which will help prevent dandelions next Spring. Bare spots are an invitation to weeds!
"But what if I recently fertilized my lawn?"  -  If this is your situation, you can control the dandelions and many other lawn weeds with... 
Spreading weed controlLawn Weed Control
Broadleaf Weed Control

This easy to spread formula contains no fertilizer. Lawn Weed Control has a unique 3-way formula, which controls over 200 lawn weeds, including Dandelion, Clover, Chickweed, Onion Grass, etc.
TIP:  It is very important that both of the weed controls described above be applied to a damp lawn, so the weed control sticks to the weed surface. Don't water or irrigate the lawn for 48 hours after you spread these products. ALSO, do not mow 2 days BEFORE or AFTER application.
Is there an Organic Solution to controlling dandelions?  Yes, if you apply my Jonathan Green Organic Lawn Weed Control before the dandelions and other lawn weeds germinate, you can prevent them from establishing. If the dandelions are in your lawn now, you can remove the whole tap root by digging down into the soil with a knife or spike-like daisy grubber. Also, stop the dandelions from setting seed by removing the yellow flowers before they produce fluffy seeds and spread.

Remember, the best defense against dandelions and other weeds is promoting lawn health. Take care of your lawn and it will compete with weeds!

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