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April 2010
Organics - Healthy Soil is the Key to Success!
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The soil is a teaming world of living organisms. Countless trillions of beneficial fungi, bacteria, algae and protozoa live and die in the water films on the soil particles and in the soil humus. They are busy reducing the humus content of the soil into food for new plant growth. They are also involved in dissolving the minerals of the soil into soluble form, to be used by plants.

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The health of the soil is connected to the health of grass plants, animals and ultimately man. The nourishment of the soil is at the root of all health. Therefore, lawn grass plants living in biologically active, healthy soil are better able to ward off disease, survive droughts and thrive in adversity.

worm in healty soilThe Role of Earthworms
Charles Darwin wrote, "The whole of the superficial mold over any expanse, has passed and will pass again every few years, through the bodies of worms". Lawnmakers should encourage worms, because they breakdown organic matter; they burrow and aid soil drainage, allowing air, water and roots to penetrate deeply. They also turn over the soil and enrich it with their castings. Earthworms have a profound effect on the ecology of the soil.

TIP: Grass clippings attract worms.
What Fertilizer To Use
The ultimate goal of my organic lawn care program is to improve the soil, making it more hospitable for lawn grass plants. Healthy soil is a living, breathing system. The maintenance of natural soil fertility is the basis for the development of a healthy lawn that is better able to withstand drought, resist insects and disease.

Use Natural Beauty to revive and restore the health of your soil! My Natural Beauty is a complex, ALL ORGANIC lawn fertilizer that is homogenous, and provides excellent turf nutrition. Natural Beauty is rich in primal humates to help restore soil life, resulting in a beautiful, healthy lawn.

Natural Beauty contains Amino Acids, Vitamins and Polysaccharides naturally derived from fruits and vegetables. This unique formula provides carbon, which feeds beneficial soil microbes. This fertilizer prevents thatch buildup and helps stimulate the decomposition of existing thatch, and also increases earthworm activity.

Natural Beauty's Eco-friendly formula does not contain phosphorus, which is great for lake and bay communities, and also does
not contain animal manures.
Organic Lawn Fertilizer Bag
Use Organic Lawn Fertilizer to maintain your lawn and to keep it healthy after you've restored the soil's vitality with my Jonathan Green Natural Beauty. My Organic Lawn Fertilizer is a complex, homogenous, ALL ORGANIC lawn fertilizer that provides excellent turf nutrients for 8-1
0 weeks. It contains Kelp, Feather, Bone and Blood meals, Amino acids and Humates, but does NOT contain any animal manures.

Organic Lawn Fertilizer provides a slow, gentle feeding, promoting a healthy, thick, dark-green lawn over time, and provides carbon, which feeds beneficial soil microbes.
This fertilizer prevents thatch buildup and helps stimulate the decomposition of existing thatch, and also increases earthworm activity.

TIP: Apply either of these at the heavy rate when seeding lawns or to rejuvenate sick, tired lawns.
At Jonathan Green, we are committed to helping you to restore the life and vitality of your soil for the long term health of your family. For more information on organics, 2010 organic rebate coupon offerclick here for a comprehensive
selection of articles written by my lawn care experts exclusively about organic lawn care. Organics are not only safe for pets and people, but are also eco-friendly. Enjoy a good looking lawn and know that you're doing your part to restore the soil in your lawn for the benefit of your family and your community!

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