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And responses to some Frequently Asked Questions on our first reader survey!

If you had a few dandelions in your lawn last year, and this year there seems to be even more of them, this is due to the fact that last year's dandelions developed a deep tap root to survive the winter. After the yellow flower head died last season, a seed head formed; soon the wind carried the dandelion seeds to new areas of your lawn and garden where they germinated and established new dandelion weeds this spring.  Now that you have dandelions, what can you do?

Here are your options:
cross-section of a dandelion plantWeed & Feed
Lawn Fertilizer

Jonathan Green Weed & Feed will eliminate even large mature dandelions and over 250 other broad leaf and vining weeds while the slow release fertilizer in this formulation will feed the desirable lawn grasses, helping them to fill in the bare spots left by the retreating dandelions.  Weed & Feed is also STEP #2 in the Jonathan Green Annual Lawn Care Program.

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"But what if I recently fertilized my lawn?"  -  If this is your situation, you can control the dandelions and many other lawn weeds with... 
Spreading weed controlLawn Weed Control
Broadleaf Weed Control

The weed control is sprayed on a corn cob base so it's easy to spread and contains no fertilizer, so you can't over-feed your lawn.
Note:  It is very important that both of the weed controls described above be applied to a damp lawn, so the weed control sticks to the weed surface. Don't water or irrigate the lawn for 48 hours after you spread these products.
Is there an Organic Solution to controlling dandelions?  Yes, if you apply Jonathan Green's Organic Lawn Weed Control before the dandelions and other lawn weeds appear, you'd have killed them before they sprouted earlier this spring; but if the dandelions are in your lawn now, you can remove the whole tap root by digging down into the soil with a knife or spike-like daisy grubber. Also, stop the dandelions from setting seed by removing the yellow flowers before they produce fluffy seeds and spread.

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Jonathan Green

P.S. - To all of you who responded to my survey - I thank you!  Please keep reading for some of your questions and my responses!

Survey Responses
Jonathan Green's First On-Line Survey was a big success; I had hundreds of homeowner responses.  Here are answers to some of the questions I received. 

1. Rzaraza14:  How long should you wait to seed after you apply crabgrass preventer?  

JG: It depends on which crabgrass preventer you used. If you used Jonathan Green's Crabgrass Preventer Plus New Seeding Lawn Fertilizer this contains a crabgrass preventer named Tupersan that you can seed with right away.  If you used a crabgrass preventer containing a chemical named Dimension or Pendimethalin you'll need to wait four months before planting new grass seed.    

2. Ayates: I have an established lawn with just a few bare spots, what would be the best seed? I live across the street from a salt pond.

JG: If the salt water from the pond is leaching into the surrounding soil of your lawn, use a grass seed mixture which is resistant to the desiccating effects of the salt damage such as our Black Beauty or Black Beauty Ultra Grass Seed Mixtures. Also apply Mag-I-Cal soluble calcium to raise the pH and neutralize the salt in your soil.

3. Steveinrye: I've been told by those who own garden supply outlets that it is best to put down a crabgrass killer before I use a broadleaf weed killer

JG:  You garden supply friends are correct.  You want to stop the crabgrass before it germinates; the broadleaf weeds are eliminated after they germinate.  The one exception is when you use the crabgrass control named Dimension.  It can kill crabgrass even up to one month after it germinates or up to the three leaf stage of the crabgrass plant.  You could use Lawn Weed Control first to control the broadleaf weeds in your lawn now, and then apply the Jonathan Green Crabgrass Control Plus Green-Up Fertilizer second, within one week of this first application.

4. Jamuly: I've been told that applying lime after using step one negates the effect on preventing crabgrass.  Is this true? I thought that it was okay to apply lime at almost any time.  Please clarify this for me.

JG: You are correct it is okay to apply limestone or our Mag-I-Cal Soluble Calcium anytime of the year, even right after spreading the crabgrass preventer.  The limestone will not release the chemical in the crabgrass preventer faster, nor shorten the time the pre-emergent barrier is effective in the soil.

5. Drmom17: How low / high to mow at various times?

JG:  It is recommended that the lawn be mowed at the highest blade setting on the lawn mower all year long.  It is not advisable to raise and lower the mower blade.  Also never cut off more than one-third of the grass blade at any one time since this puts the grass plants under stress.  Always mow the lawn when the grass is dry and keep the mower blade sharpened.    

6. Powro: I have very hard clay soil conditions.  I had about 2 inches of top soil put down before I put my sod down.  That was about 3 years ago should I do anything else to condition my soil.  Water seems to sit for a long time after rain.

JG: Apply lawn gypsum to your lawn at the rate of 50-pounds per 1,000 square feet in the areas that don't drain, twice each year.  It will help the heavy clay soil to become more permeable and percolate and the soil will drain better within a few years of instituting this regime.  

And I couldn't resist including this question -

Frank.dibella wrote - I used your products this year for the first time and they have exceeded my expectations.  I used Mag-I-Cal and Black Beauty Grass Seed. Not only is my lawn thick, it is so dark green that people actually stop to look at it!  My question is I used your weed control for the first time and I want to know for problem areas how long should I wait to apply if again if needed.

JG:  Wait one month after the first Lawn Weed Control Application and if after this the lawn weeds have not twisted and begun to shrivel up, make a second application at full strength.  If the weeds are beginning to die, but you want to hurry the process make a second application at half strength one month after you made the first one.

Thanks again for participating! I will answer more questions in the next issue of Jonathan Green Timely Tips.
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