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Humates Restore Lawn Soil Health!

Organic Lawn Care promotes healthy soil by achieving a proper balance of living organisms, minerals, nutrients and organic matter.  Lawn care methods using synthetic fertilizers are like "fast-food" because they are absorbed directly by the grass leaves and not the roots. Relying on only chemical nitrogen - phosphorus - potassium fertilizer ignores the importance of the beneficial biology in the soil and its importance to the health of the grass plant. Poor soil health leads to weaker grass roots and increased susceptibility to insects, disease and drought damage.

The ultimate goal of my Organic Lawn Care Program is to improve the soil, making it more hospitable for lawn grass plants.  The final result is a beautiful and carefree lawn.
Kids giving a puppy a bath    Natural Beauty
         All Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Natural Beauty is rich in primal humates, the remains of plant and animal life from the time of the dinosaurs, which provide a food source to help restore lawn soil life, resulting in a beautiful, healthy laPrimal humates restore lawn soil lifewn.

Natural Beauty's eco-friendly and no-phosphorus formula make it safe to use near water and anywhere chi
ldren and pets play! Natural Beauty gently feeds the lawn for up to ten weeks.

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