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A day finally comes when the wind blows gently from the south, and all the shades of green return, spring has finally arrived.  Soon the soil will be warm enough for the crabgrass seeds, which have wintered over, to germinate.  Crabgrass is slow to establish but by August it will push its way into every bare spot on your lawn and become a real eyesore.  

There is hope, and Jonathan Green has TWO crabgrass solutions for your consideration, but both must be spread before the crabgrass seeds germinate, so it's best to act now.
Jonathan Green Organic Weed Control Plus Fertilizer
Organic Weed Preventer plus Fertilizer Father and daughter enjoying lawn - click here for information on organic products

Today many homeowners prefer an "organic weed control option" and we have one and not surprisingly its named Jonathan Green Organic Weed Control Plus Fertilizer. It's made from corn gluten, which is a by-product from the manufacturing process used to make corn syrup. The corn gluten works by burning the root hairs off over 20 lawn weeds such as crabgrass, clover and even dandelions. Best of all Organic Lawn Weed Control is completely safe to use where children and pets play, even right after it has been applied.

For more information about Organic Weed Control click here.
Jonathan Green Crabgrass Preventer Plus Green-Up
Lawn Fertilizer with Dimension House with nice lawn

Jonathan Green Crabgrass Preventer Plus Green-Up Lawn Fertilizer contains Dimension, which is the most effective chemical control available on the market today. There is only one teaspoon full of active ingredient in each bag but it stops crabgrass and other grassy weeds before they get started and it lasts right through the summer.

For more information about Crabgrass Preventer Plus Green-Up click here.
Please wait 60 days before you plant grass seed after applying either of these crabgrass control products.  Look below for my money saving offers and check out my website for helpful how-to videos and answers to frequently asked questions.

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P.S. Please send us a before and after photo of your lawn with crabgrass and what it looked like after you used one of Jonathan Green's crabgrass preventers last year and we'll publish the best photos in an upcoming Jonathan Green Timely Tips Newsletter.  Thank you and enjoy your lawn this spring!
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