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Welcome to "The Living Bible," not the paraphrased version, but rather a real life story of the bible being walked out and lived in a very real way. You might even find yourself as a character in this story! Tucked away in Proverbs 31:8-9 it says, "Open your mouth for the your mouth... plead the case of the poor and needy."


For over 25 years we have walked and ministered among the poor and needy of SE Asia... entering their world in hopes of lifting them out of pain, suffering and sorrow. These are the voiceless, speechless ones that have no platform to speak from; they are hidden from the attention of the world. We enjoy the rare privilege to enter their world as trusted ones they can open their hearts and lives to. We have become their voice....can we share one of their stories with you?Gamonchanok


Gamonchanok was only four years old when her father hung himself.  He had been struggling with drug addiction and couldn't handle the challenges of his addiction and the responsibilities of his growing family. Gamonchanok's mother was mentally challenged already; this event pushed her over the edge. The phone rang and that all too familiar question was asked, "Is there something you can do to help?" Through the years we have learned to answer "Yes." Even though we might feel helpless, we have learned that the Greater One inside us is always present and willing to help. This is how we have become a voice for the poor and needy.


We immediately gave the "OK" for Gamonchanok to come to our Mae La Noi Children's Home. Neramit, one of our graduates from the early years, took Gamonchanok's older sister into his children's home. The mother struggled to make sense of her shattered world. Our field ministers worked with her the best they could to help her put her life back together.



Gamonchanok Mother We met Gamonchanok's mother last year at the dedication ceremony of the new Mae La Noi dormitory. She sought Cathy and I out to give us a gift that day; it was one of the most touching experiences I have ever had. Due to her mental challenges, she does not interact or talk with people very well. She was so embarrassed that she couldn't even look at us face to face. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she handed us two little bags she had made for us. Her heart showed on her tear streaked face that day saying "Thank You" in the only way she knew how. She knew her daughter was being well cared for in a way she could never provide. In that Precious Moment I knew "Why" we had a children's home... and why we had an open door policy for any orphan or at risk child that was in need.


Gamonchanok's Mother's House It Get's Better... through the help of our partners we are building a house for Gamonchanok's mother. The project is being completed this summer through the help of short term volunteer teams visiting us. We have supplied her with all new household supplies and we even had a friend sponsor her rice budget for a year after hearing this touching story.


We Have To Keep Talking... letters, emails, sermons, websites, television; whatever means we can find, we will continue to be a voice for the speechless...the poor and needy of this world.


Thank you for listening.... and thank you so very much for what you do to help us to continue writing "The Living Bible!"

God Bless You Richly,


Charlie and Cathy

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