Dear Friend,

I remember standing on a mountaintop a bit over 20 years ago. I wept before the Lord asking "Have we missed it?" I could see no real fruit from our three years of service in Thailand; I pleaded with God to be able to leave this nation and seek more fertile fields elsewhere. It was a very emotional experience....I wanted our life and ministry to count for something and I just couldn't see that happening in this dark land.   


The Gentle Comfort of the Holy Spirit Came ... it was as if He whispered to me. "If you go....who will reach these people for Me?" I didn't want to hear those words; I wanted to pack my bags and get on the next plane out! Then I heard the promise... "If you will be faithful to sow My Word across this land, I will cause life to spring forth and cause a great harvest to come in." I committed that day to stay in Thailand and preach the Gospel regardless if we ever saw the fruit of our labors. I am so glad we stayed.


102 Churches Built to Date... Six more church dedications in March brought us to 102 churches that have been planted and built by our ministry in Thailand. These churches represent a total membership of over 10,000 people; the majority coming to know Christ through our graduates serving on our evangelism - church planting teams. We are well on our way to building 1,000 churches for the Glory of God!  


We Received a Letter a Few Days Ago That Warmed Our Hearts:  


Hello my Mom and Dad


Today I finish my college already. So, I want to say thank you  very much for you always support me. And I know you love me as I love you. You gave me a best thing. I will remember you and pray for your family and your job. I believe and trust in the Lord that he can help you. If possible, I would like to help support the child at Abundant Life Children's Home one. If you agree with me, Please contact with.  Thank you.  


God blessing your family, Love in the Lord    


Pacharee Lowhae



Pacharee is one of our latest college grads. What a blessing to hear her heart and to see the appreciation she has for the opportunity she was given. We thought our child sponsors would be blessed by this!


Computer Station Update... Last month we shared the need to upgrade the computer systems at the Doi Saket Dormitory. The price tag is $5,100.00, we have received $2,183.00 for that project so far. Thanks for considering a special gift to help us replace the outdated computers and keep our kids on the cutting edge.


Thank You so much for your part in this is truly a blessing to represent you in foreign missions.


God Bless...


Charlie and Cathy

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