Dear Friend, 

What is Christmas Like in Thailand??? That is a question we are often asked. Across the country it is business as usual; schools, banks and stores would all be open for business on Christmas day. This year the 25th falls on a Sunday so technically "Christmas Day" most places would be closed. The odd thing is that we don't have a "Christmas Day" but rather a "Christmas Month!" With a Christian population of approximately 1% we make the most of Christmas.


It's not Unusual to go to a Dozen Christmas Mary and JosephCelebrations...Beginning around the 10th of December through the end of the month, there will be a Christmas Celebration somewhere every day. Churches and/or villages will choose their "Christmas Day" and invite everyone and their brother to come be a part. It's an all out event centered on celebrating Jesus Christ and God's love for man. Ironically, gift giving is not the big emphasis of Christmas in Thailand....the focus is on Jesus Christ and God's gift of salvation to man.


December Is a Powerful Month of Evangelism... Believers and non-believers will attend these Christmas events. It's odd, but many people we evangelize throughout the year wait until December to accept Christ. Their reasoning....they have to fulfill the commitments they made with the evil spirits in the previous year. Whoaaaa...... I can smell your "religious brain" smoking right now!!! I myself used to doubt the validity of these salvations that hinged on previous agreements with evil spirits. My either believed or you didn't and there wasn't room for the devils to have a say. After witnessing hundreds of these salvations and being an eye witness to solid Christian lives being the result years later; I quit fighting and began working the system. We have a few thousand people in our churches that came to Christ like this. Many across Thailand will experience God's gift of salvation this "Christmas Month."


Our Ministry Will Celebrate Christmas at the Mae La Noi Facility... The kids moved into their new dorm last May and they want to showcase the new facility. It will be a great time of fun, food, fellowship, dramas.... and especially; celebrating Jesus. Our celebration will be December 29th -31st. Wish you could be here!


Ban Den Project Update... Funds have come in to bring in the electric and get a deep well drilled. Next step is constructing the first dormitory and the kitchen/dining facility. Thank you for considering sowing a special gift towards this project. We need to wrap this project up by May.


From our Hearts to Yours... Thank you for your part in our lives and ministry. Have a Blessed Christmas and an Abundantly Blessed New Year.   


God Bless You Richly,


Charlie and Cathy


PS: There is still time to get a gift in for your child. Include a gift designated for "Christmas" or give our office a call to give via credit card. You can always give online as well. Premium Sponsors....your child's gift is already included in your regular giving.


PPS: We still have around 50 children who do not have sponsors. If you would like to bless them with a Christmas gift or even adopt one of these children, it would be greatly appreciated.

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