I am writing to you from a village deep in the mountains of Northern Thailand. This morning I will speak to propsective and current coffee farmers. This is the fourth stop of a six district tour. The meetings have been well attended and the folks are pumped. 


The Witch Doctor and the Catholic Priest Came towitchdoctor w caption Church... These have been some of the most interesting meetings I have had in a long time. We meet in church, we pray, we share testimonies and the things of God and the people love it. The only difference between these meetings and most "church meetings" is that over half the people in attendance have never heard the Gospel and have never been in a church. I really hit it off with the witch doctor from Huey Peung Mai Village. After the coffee meeting we hung togther for a while and I gave him a lift to his village. He openely shared his heart....he sees what we are doing and is impressed. He is beginning to understand the "Christian" aspect and it is very interesting to him....his quandry is that he is the spiritual leader of his entire vilage and he is not sure what to do. I think I may have a plan for him!


I Spent Another Half Hour Fellowshipping With the Catholic Priest... This brother has a heart of gold and loves God. He didn't know a thing about coffee and came to the meeting to find out what was going on. The day before, he had helped his church members plant 2,500 coffee trees. They had convinced him it was a good thing. Now he has agreed to work togther with us to help his people better their lives. 


The Doors are Wide Open... Little did we know that this project would open unprecedented doors to share the Gospel. We literally have non-Christian villages inviting us to meet with them; and everybody on our team is preachers! In just a year and a half of promoting this project, we have 58 villages and over 1,000 families on board. Our goal is to positively affect 10,000 families within ten years. I have a gut feeling that God is going to surpass our expectations.


Cathy with a coffee plantWould You Like Your Income to Five-Fold... For 25 years our partners have helped us to bring the Gospel to the people of Thailand. The results have been far reaching and tremendously successful. The Coffee Project is another step in the process. The villager familes that join with us will easily five-fold their incomes in just five years. The shocking reality is that the average rural mountain farmer has an annual family income of $200.00 - $300.00. That is less than $1.00/day/family. We have isoloated this condition of extreme poverty as the root cause to most of the problems we continually deal with; child abandonment, drugs, sex trafficking, emotional and mental collapse, poor hygiene, sickeness, disease, etc. etc..


When You Change Their Life it is Easy to Change Their Heart... Most of these villagers have never had an opportunity to get an education. This has caused them to suffer through the abuse of many people. They ask, "Why are you interested in us?" They quickly see that we have come to help them instead of using them like others have. Our staff and evangelism team numbers well over 100 now. They have all come from these type village settings, yet their lives have been positively impacted through the Gospel and by simply having an opportunity. Our team has empathy and compassion towards these villagers; they speak their language, they know their ways, they have become examples of hope and change. God has given us a simple plan that effectively changes lives.


Get On Board, The Train is Picking Up Speed... This is the biggest project we have ever initiated. Mind boggling potential of unprecedented opportunity to plant churches and bring multitudes into the Kingdom of God. We have laid out a business plan that goes into much greater detail than what I can share here; we would be glad to share that with serious parties. We will need 1.2 million dollars over the next five years. This will enable us to set up three regional wet mills and one centrally located dry mill and stortage facility, plus the vehichles and equipment needed to harvest, process and store the coffee crop. The plan will bring us to 1,000 ton/year capacity. It will impact tens of thousands of lives with the Gospel and eventually bring funding for the expansion of our Gospel work.  


Thank you for helping us to see that this dynamic project is fulfilled for the glory of God.


Our Love in Christ, 


Charlie and Cathy Milbrodt  

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PS: You can help by sowing towards the coffee project....we still need $65,000.00 this year to get the facilities in order for the harvest that begins in November. You can also help by ordering Mai Thai Coffee and sharing the project with others. Use discount code "LWMI" for a 10% discount when purchasing our coffee online. We also have wholesale and fund raising options available.   

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