It shocked me when I realized it has been two months since we communicated with you.....sorry for the lapse. To say we have been busy would definitely be an understatement.

Over 800 of Our "Kids" Just Went Back to School... Mid-May is when the new school year begins. That means the bible school with 70+ students as well as all the children under our care. You can imagine the hectic schedule we face each year at this time.

New Dormitory Dedicated... May 15th Mae La Noi Dormitorywe dedicated the new dormitory at the Mae La Noi facility. This was such an answer to prayer and a display of God's faithfulness. We also opened the new computer lab with ten brand new computers. The only thing not yet completed is the purchase and installation of air conditioners for the computer lab and the new staff office. Ten computers heat up a room in a hurry; especially in the tropics! The estimated cost for the installation of the new air conditioners is $3,250.00.

The Most Precious Gift...
There are moments in our lives that mark us forever. I had such a moment at the dedication ceremony. The mother of Gamonchanok, one of the children at our home, gave Cathy and me a gift. Gamonchanok's mother is mentally handicapped and her father committed suicide a couple years ago. Gamonchanok was accepted at our home because her mother is unable to care for her. This sweet lady sought out Cathy and me and presented us a small handbag that she made herself. It was obviously a giant step for her to approach us....when she handed the bag to us she turned her face away blushing and embarrassed. We thanked her as she scurried away, too shy to even look at us. That moment touched my life and made it crystal clear why we do what we do. That day I received the Most Precious Gift anyone could give as this woman expressed her gratitude to us for caring for a daughter that she was incapable of caring for herself.

Bible School Students Growing By Leaps and Bounds...
It is always a joy when we get to the second year of studies. The foundation has been laid, the "bugs" have pretty much been worked out and the students dig into the Word and the pursuing of their destinies in Christ. We opened the new school year with a three day seminar with students, staff and our evangelist and pastors from the field. The house was packed and God moved mightily. I have had the honor of imparting into the students lives for four weeks already this semester. I guess that may be why I missed getting a letter out to you earlier than this!

Thank You for Your Faithful Support of This Ministry... We could not do what we do; touching thousands of lives, without the faithfulness of our precious partners.


Our Love in Christ,

Charlie and Cathy Milbrodt 

PS: Each year we ask our partners to help with Book, Uniform and Tuition cost to get the kids back in school. Thanks to our Premium Sponsors, a large portion of these cost have been covered already. We do have 81 children that are not under the Premium Sponsor Plan. Book, Uniform and Tuition cost average $50.00/child equaling $4,050.00 needed. We also have 38 brand new children that don't have sponsors yet. Startup cost for the new children averages $100.00 each, which equals $3,800.00. If you would like to help with these costs, it would be greatly appreciated.
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