It Was An Awesome Month With Seven New Church Dedications... Mae Hae Village was my favorite as my friend, Pastor JD and I rode dirt bikes 50 miles on some wild roads/trails to get there. On the journey we came to Huey Mana Village where we met a Buddhist monk busy about a building project. We were deep in the jungle and this guys enthusiasm really impressed me....I had to stop for a chat. He was pumped....he told us all about his project and gave us the grand tour. I played dumb, which I am very good at! In other words....I didn't tell him I was a preacher, because I wanted him to open up to me.

He Was A Chinese Monk From Penang, Charlie Speaking with a MonkMalaysia, Working In Thailand As A Buddhist Missionary... He spoke excellent Thai and was obviously motivated. "Our goal is to build 6,000 Buddhist temples in Northern Thailand in honor of the King of Thailand." The words stung as they entered my consciousness..... I had been telling people for ten years now that God gave me a vision to build 1,000 churches in Thailand in honor of my King Jesus. My vision was "Too Big" for most Christians....I could tell by the way they looked at me when they heard my words. Then along comes a Buddhist monk that dwarfs my vision. I like this guy....I finally met someone who challenges me! It is odd that I found him in the jungles of Thailand wearing a saffron robe, laboring away at his vision.

Buddhist IdolsI Asked Him About The Idols In The Temple...
there were eight idols along with the big golden Buddha statue. He explained that each idol was for a certain day of the week and the person would worship the idol for the day of the week they were born on. "What is the eighth one for?" I asked. "Oh, that one is for people who don't know what day of the week they were born on!" he replied. That kind of tickled me....

We Will Build 1,000 Churches In Thailand...
These will be life giving facilities where people will find new life in Christ Jesus! We just dedicated #91 and this year we will top 100 churches. These are actual church buildings planted and built by our evangelism - church planting team. We also provide ongoing spiritual oversight for the churches we build. Thousands of believers are being pastored and discipled through these church plants....tens of thousands more are coming!

Villages Are Rapidly Opening To Us...this has been in part fuelled by our coffee farm project. We literally have non-Christian villages asking us to establish a church and development projects in their village.  One of our greatest challenges is providing pastors for all the new locations. We need to double our bible school enrollment to insure an adequate supply of ministers ahead.

You Can Be A Part Of This DNu Bau Churchynamic Outreach... Sowing into the church planting project is an investment in eternity. We can build a church for $7,000.00 and a pastor's house for $2,000.00. We try to build a pastors house at each location. Thank you for your prayer and financial support of this great outreach. A nation is being transformed!

Our Love in Christ,
Charlie and Cathy Milbrodt
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