The dorm is finished and the kids are moved in...Mae La Noi Dorm it was kind of cute because they were waiting for me to come give the final inspection of the construction work before they occupied the new building. When I gave the "OK" it was a mass exodus! First came the cleanup campaign and then the actual was all done in less than 12 hours.


We are utilizing both floors of the new facility. The girls opted for upstairs. The government has actually required us to have a second dorm so we can separate the boys from the girls. For now we are taking a "breather" and thanking God that this building is finished and usable. The additional space will allow us to receive quite a few new children this year. Official dedication will be May are welcome to attend!

March is wedding month... we have four weddings in the month of March. Three of the brides and one of the grooms are college grads that have come through our children's home program. These were "rag tag throw-a-ways" that we took in almost 20 years they are skilled college grads coming to work for our ministry! It is amazing what 20 years and a fair chance at life can do.
February is the busiest month of our year... Last month we hosted four sets of guests, conducted six nights of evangelistic outreaches, dedicated seven new churches, conducted a four day leadership conference and tackled the coffee harvest across northern Thailand. There was so much going on that we got behind in our LWMIcommunications with you. We hope the DVD we sent you gave you a good visual of some of what you are a part of here in Thailand.That same video can be viewed at our website at the "About Us" page... click the image to view it. You can also view at the link at the right......

Next month we will share the tremendous success of our church planting program... This year will complete 25 years of ministry in Thailand and we will see our 100th church built in Thailand. More on that next month....Until then....May God Richly Bless You.

Our Love in Christ,
Charlie and Cathy Milbrodt

PS: We are constructing a computer lab for the Mae La Noi Dormitory separate from the new dorm building. Construction costs are paid for! All we need now are computers and desks. Each set will cost $400.00. Our goal is at least 10 computer stations for the kids....we have room for 20. The lab will greatly enhance the children's educational opportunities.
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