We had the table set for 250 ministers at our conference this month....over 350 showed up! There is tremendous hunger in this group for the Word of God. It has been in our heart for almost three years to host this group....we were simply waiting on the proper timing. Everything fell in place beautifully and a door is "wide open" for us to continue to minister and train this group of leaders.
Rev. Paitoon is one of the key leaders from Graduation 2010this group and the man responsible for organizing the event among the Baptist Convention. Paitoon studied with us 24 years ago in our very first Bible Training  Center. He was a 17 year old kid back then....he is a prominent, highly respected leader today. What a blessing to see Paitoon and dozens of other LWMI graduates who are faithfully serving in the ministry. Our original vision when we came to Thailand was to "Train National Christian Leaders to Minister the Gospel with the Anointing of the Holy Spirit." This has been the benchmark of our ministry all these years. Now we see the fruit of that vision coming forth in abundance.
"Jehovah Jireh... do Your thing!" Our goal was 250 ministers, but I truthfully expected about 200. When 350+ came I was impressed. Of course that meant an extra 100 beds and 1000 more meal servings over the three day conference. We are confident that the balance of the conference budget will be met. We kept the budget as low as we could; the total event cost us $7000.00. We were blessed with $1500.00 from our local church here in Thailand and the partners of LWMI have given $2210.00. We extend a hearty thank you to all who sowed their seed towards this event. Your gift was invested in good soil!
Earlier this month we hosted a team from Water of Life Church in the USA.The team was a great blessing to our ministry as they blessed our children, our youth and our bible school students. Tremendous outreach opportunities opened up as well. Four villages were targeted for evangelism and medical clinics. Over 400 patients were seen in the clinics. The team also ministered in three different schools to over 900 children. The majority of these children were from Buddhist background, who heard the message of God's love towards them through Jesus Christ for the first time.
It's like a giant net that is being woven across Thailand. Every conference, every outreach, every life that is touched and every church that is built.....A net of salvation, healing and peace with God is spreading across the land. Tens of thousands have already been "caught." Multitudes more are on their way.

This really is fun! What a better way to invest our life than to help people to know and experience Jesus Christ and God's love towards them. Thank You for partnering with this ministry. We are privileged to serve God in His ministry and to represent you in foreign missions.

God Bless You Richly!
Charlie and Cathy Milbrodt
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