Ephesians 3:20 tells us that God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask or think.....that is a remarkable statement. The end of that verse is amazing as well; it says, "according to the power that works in us." But today I want to emphasize God's part not ours. God is awesome and He is up to some pretty grand stuff. Every once in a while we get in on some of it. Let me tell you about something God is doing here in Thailand......
Go Back 24 Years....Charlie & Cathy pack up the kids and head to Thailand with a burning vision to shake a nation for God. For a while, the only thing "shakin'" was my knees every time I looked at our bank account balance. It seemed like no one knew we were called and sent to Thailand except us and God! Of course with God on our side it was just a matter of time before something good began to happen. Looking back over 24 years of ministry to this nation, we can truly say God has done exceedingly abundantly above what we thought.
250 Churches Open Their Doors To Us...The Baptist Convention has wholeheartedly embraced us to train their ministers and to develop a financial strategy to cause their churches to become self supporting indigenous works. It happened like this....for the last two years I have had a growing desire/vision (the ol' timers called it a burden) to develop systematic leadership training for the entire network under the Baptist Convention. We have been very closely involved with this organization for over 20 years. I sensed a real urgency to get this training available. I also sensed that we were to help them develop some financial strategies to help their churches to become self supporting.
I Made An Appointment With The Top Leader In The Organization....Rev. Sonny had no idea what I came to see him about, but after exchanging greetings he asked if he could share his heart first. He shared how he has led the Baptist Convention for over 20 years but felt that certain things were still lacking; effective leadership training and a method to get the churches standing on their own financially. He shared how he was nearing retirement age and sincerely wanted to see these things in order before he steps down. He apologized for "unloading" on me and proceeded to ask what it was I wanted to talk about. We shared a hearty laugh together when I told him the two things I had on my heart. We realized that God had orchestrated this meeting.
The Results....we agreed to launch a leadership meeting twice annually and to pursue the two business ventures I had shared with him. Only God knows what is in store..........
250 Ministers Are On Their Way....August 16-19 we will host over 250 ministers from the Baptist Convention. I will preach on The Power of God for Ministry and Effective Ministry To Our Generation. We will also be conducting workshops to launch our coffee project in more villages as well as a co-op network of stores throughout Northern Thailand. The ministers will  have the opportunity to register for Life Christian University as we launch our on line bible school program created especially for full time ministers so they can attain a degree in theology. To call this event a life changing opportunity would be an understatement!
A Joint Effort....the stage is set for a truly life changing, church changing, and organization changing event. We secured a super deal at a facility near to us to host the event. Our cost per minister will be $30.00 for the entire event. The ministers will cover their own transportation cost to come here but we need to feed and house them. The conference will cost $7,500.00 for 250 ministers. Could you prayerfully consider helping us to sponsor one or more ministers? I am confident that this event is a "Destiny in the Making!" You can have a direct part in this life changing event.
Thank You for all you do to help us continue to preach the Gospel and touch lives for Jesus. It has been a glorious 24 years and that has been made possible by wonderful partners like you! It is truly our privilege to represent you in foreign missions.

God Bless You Richly!
Charlie and Cathy Milbrodt

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