One of our children's homes is located near Pai District. This area has become very famous with international travelers over the last ten years or so....we can't really figure out what the draw is, but folks come in droves. Natapon "Dtai", a Thai movie star came upon our children's home during his travels to Pai District. He was really touched with the work being done with the children. "Dtai" invited the entire batch of 44 children and four staff members on a paid vacation to Phuket Island, 800 miles south of Pai.


First Time To See The Ocean
Ban Den Children
An Experience Of A Lifetime...Our children at the Ban Den Home are from some of the poorest of the poor in Northern Thailand. Three years ago we hand picked these children from some of the most destitute villages we have ever come across. You would have never guessed their background as they strutted off the jet with their movie star escort! I must confess that I was a bit skeptical when I first heard his offer....and truthfully I was a bit suspicious. I laid out quite strict criteria for Natapon's team to meet before I would consent to the trip. Our staff was goo goo eyed over the whole deal, but my concern was for the well being of our children.


Natapon "Dtai" and Our Staff
Natapon & Staff

"Dtai" Treated Our Kids Like Kings and Queens....he had an entourage of aids that accompanied our children and staff and made sure they were well catered to every step of the way. He did such a good job I might even go to one of his movies! It was a tremendous experience for our children. They had a great time playing in the ocean, going to an amusement park, eating local seafood and flying as special guest in a jet. Natapon's film crew was there and our children's adventure is being aired on national television. Thank you Mr. Natapon!


Bangkok Has Been In The News hasn't been the kind of press we wanted aired about Thailand though. We have just come through a very intense seven week period of protest which turned violent and ended up an absolute mess. Needless to go into the politics behind it all, but we are glad to see that things seem to be returning to normal. The nation of Thailand needs prayer for reconciliation after this tragic series of events.


A Brand New School Year Is Beginning...We have 74 new bible school students that have begun classes this month and children at all of our facilities are going back to school to begin a new year of studies. Back To School means that we buy massive amounts of clothing, uniforms, shoes, etc., etc.. That along with the new years tuition cost comes to around $20,000.00 of cost to get all the children back to school. And you thought you had it bad when the kids started school!!! Our Premium Sponsorship Program has been such a blessing as it has covered around 60% of this cost. The remaining $8,000.00 needs to be raised. If you would like to help with this cost, it averages out to $50.00 per child for book and uniform cost.


The Mai Thai Coffee Project Is Really Beginning To Shape Up....

Cathy with a coffee plant
we have planted over 800,000 coffee trees already this year. There is a massive interest from farmers wanting to get on board with this project. It is opening doors of evangelism and influence like we have never seen before! We were blessed with two acres of land donated by Mr. and Mrs. Lee from Malaysia. I have shared their story with so many people over the years of how they helped us get the church building program established and functioning. The Lee's have been a tremendous blessing to our work here.


You also have been a tremendous blessing to the work here. We have been blessed with a wonderful partner base. Together we are making a lasting change in a land that desperately needs the Gospel. Thank you for your part in this ministry.


God Bless You Richly!


Charlie and Cathy Milbrodt

PS: Children Sponsors....Annual Pictures of your sponsored child will be coming in the mail in June. You will be really blessed to see what our daughter Amber Joy has come up with this year. She is quite the photographer! 

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