I like the way this year is starting.... One morning around 7:00, we received an email with the wonderful news that a family was sending a check for $20,000.00 to help build churches in Thailand.  This was great news, but what makes it even more interesting is that I had already scheduled a 10:00 meeting that morning with Brathip, the head of our Evangelism-Church Planting Department. Our agenda was to lay out our strategy for churches to be built in 2010. As you can imagine, the news that morning of funds coming for churches was quite a kick off to our 2010 church planting campaign!


Answers Before the Question Comes... Two days later I received an email which I opened New Motorcycleabout 7:00 that morning. A family had sent a gift designated for the purchase of a motorcycle for an evangelist. On my calendar for the day I had an 11:00 appointment scheduled with Wirichai, one of our district evangelism leaders. He had not told me what he wanted to see me about. During our appointment he shared that Niwate, the newest member on our evangelism team needed a motorcycle to effectively do his job. "Is there any way we could buy him a motorcycle?" Wirichai asked.....I thought, "My job is getting too easy!" I shared with Wirichai and Niwate the email we had received that morning. Two o'clock that afternoon, Niwate was on a brand new motorcycle heading for the district he was assigned to! We all rejoiced at God's faithfulness.

It Get's Better!!!   For two years we have been faced with the need to build sufficient dormitories for our Mae La Noi Children's Home. 100 children, mostly teenagers by now, are cramped in a facility never intended to be a children's dormitory. The project was put on hold because of the economic crunch. After much thought and prayer, we decided to launch this project in 2010. I reasoned with the Lord, "In spite of the economic conditions, these kids need room to live!" Our numbers were even increasing at this home as several of the children rescued in 2009 ended up being placed there. It was not a "small deal" to consider as the project has a $180,000.00 price tag on it. One week after making the decision to "go for it" we were contacted by a party wanting to invest in an orphanage in Thailand. This was a total stranger from Korea referred to us by a friend in Thailand. I am glad that God knows our address!


We Are Already Two Thirds of the Way There.... After researching our ministry and flying in from Korea to see the work first hand, our "new friend" was impressed with the project and has invested $102,000.00 towards the completion. We have $18,000.00 in savings bringing us to $120,000.00 of the total amount needed for this project. We need to raise the additional $60,000.00 within six months. This project will include two buildings with dorms rooms for the children, staff housing, toilets and showers. Total living space 9,000 sq. ft... It will also enable us to meet the government regulation for foundations to provide separate buildings for the boys and the girls. Upon completion, we will have room to expand to 240 children at this facility.

I checked my email this morning just to be sure.... No news yet that the 60K had come in! We are in "Faith and Patience Mode" on this one!


We pray these testimonies have been an inspiration for you to believe God in spite of circumstances. We also   invite you to prayerfully consider helping us with the Dormitory Project. Together we will see this project completed for the Glory of God.


Thank you for helping us to help the children.

God Bless You Richly!  

 Charlie and Cathy 

  • Building cost average $20.00 per square foot.
  • 6,000 square feet are paid for.
  • Only 3,000 more square feet need sponsors!
  • Could you commit to a certain number of square feet over the next six months?


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