We have never seen a year "Come Out of the Gates" like 2010. I believe this year is going to be a phenomenal year of extreme success and accomplishments for the Kingdom of God. Our expectation level is soaring this year as we have already seen God move in a number of mighty and awesome ways. More on this in upcoming reports....

Successful Child Rescue.....Pawntita E Update

2009 closed out in the most beautiful way for us. We received a phone call the afternoon of December 31st that Pawntita, the little girl we had been attempting to rescue was finally with us. It was the culmination of a two week ordeal that ended up with travels over more than a dozen provinces and thousands of kilometers. We finally got Pawntita out of the mess she was in and reunited her with her two sisters. The three sisters had not seen each other in over two years since their mother abandoned them. What a blessing seeing these three sisters holding hands, playing and enjoying being back together again in the safety of our home.


Pawntita, being only four years old, is the "darling" of our Mae La Noi Home. It appears that she is making up for the love and attention that she missed in the last couple years. Thank you to the partners who responded to this need. Funds came in almost to the dollar of the expenses involved in getting this child under our care. God is Good!

2,800 Refugees Blessed......      Distribution Blankets and Clothes

Through the coffee gift box fund raiser and the generosity of our partners, we were able to bless 2800 refugees with a blanket each, clothes, shoes and toiletries. It was an "over the top" experience that exceeded our expectations. In fact, the whole outreach to the refugees since early July has exceeded anything we ever dreamed of. It began with a phone call to a pastor friend who immediately committed to help when hearing of the situation. It has continued for over six months through the graciousness of our partners. We have been able to provide housing materials, sleeping mats, cooking utensils, water containers, property for the refugees to camp out on and numerous food distributions. It has culminated with blankets and clothing to these precious people. God has truly shown up in a big way to bless these folks. We give God the glory for all that He has done. We also sincerely thank our partners who made it all possible.


After the last distribution to the refugees we feel that our assignment is over. The Thai military has restricted our movements making it very difficult to continue our outreach. We will continue to rent the property where the Nong Bua temporary camp is located until the refugees are all moved to permanent locations. More than half of the refugees that came out of Burma this past year have already been relocated to permanent camps. As I write, there is a continual migration of the refugees into permanent camps and villages. Once in the official camps, they are eligible to register for official refugee status so they can apply for reassignment to a third country. To date over 100,000 Karen refugees have been moved to third countries.


January 2nd we were able to take part in a massive baptism service at a refugee camp. 444 refugees received water baptism. Forty five ministers were in the river administering the baptism ceremony. It was a sight to behold!

God Bless You Richly!  

Refugees Receive Baptism

 Charlie and Cathy 

 Coming Report....Next month we want to give you a report on the highlights of 2009 and where we are going in 2010. Hang on to your hats folks.... God is moving mightily!

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