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Five years ago we made a remarkable trip into a remote jungle area of Thailand. Village after village told us we were the first foreigners to come to their village. The villagers hand dug a 46 kilometer trail into this remote area. Our first trip in was only accessible by motorcycle. The next trip in we were able to squeeze a truck through the treacherous path. Sheer drop offs only inches away were a constant reminder of the freshly dug path. Rocks would tumble down the mountainside as we inched along the trail.
The Occasion...the dedication of Huey Mana Church; a beautiful teak wood church planted and constructed by our evangelism team. The event itself was a bit subdued and it became obvious that "not all the natives were friendly!" We found out that day that not everyone gets excited about a new church. Only a handful of folks had come to Christ in this predominantly animist village where spirit worship and animal sacrifice was the common practice.
 Medical Outreach
Miracles Abound....our second outreach was a medical mission that became an historic turning point for this region. Word spread from village to village that a medical clinic would be conducted. The sick came....some walking days to get there. Never in 23 years of ministry in Thailand have we seen such a sick and afflicted bunch of people. The medicines we brought were somewhat of a joke for the conditions we encountered. Surgeries and in some cases amputations were more in line with what was needed.
God Thrives On Impossible Situations....deep in the jungle that day we treated the villagers with the simple medications we had brought. More importantly, we introduced them to the Great Physician! We layed hands on every villager believing God for the miraculous. To the glory of God, hundreds of villagers received miraculous healings. In fact, every single person that visited the clinic was healed. Word spread like fire, but it was not about the "medicine." Instead, the villagers glorified God for their healings.

Bamboo CrossingFive Churches Already Planted In This Remote Region...for five years our evangelist have been working this region. We also send short term mission teams in every year. We have found over 50 villages in this isolated region. A transformation is taking place as the Gospel brings life and healing to these precious people.
Highlights of the September River Trip....once again we journeyed into this remote region. Landslides had rendered the roads impassible so we took boats up the river. After three hours by boat we trekked in further to Ah-wi-jo Village. The villagers were a bit awestruck as most of them had never seen a foreigner before. We gathered around a solar powered light that evening sharing the Gospel and singing praises to God. The villagers opened their hearts and asked us about "our world." It was quite an experience  realizing that most of these villagers had never been out of this remote area and were relatively untouched by the outside world. The next morning we conducted a clinic for Ah-wi-jo and surrounding villages. Hundreds came to be ministered to....their hearts were opened to the Gospel.

Boat TripFour Hours of Trekking To KhawThaa Village:  Slipping, sliding, crossing rivers and pulling off blood sucking was a great trip! After hours of hiking, verses like, "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel" and "How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those that publish the good news" just seem to make more sense. Through the pain and discomfort of our journey I really sensed the presence of God and His "nod of approval!" It just seemed that this is what Jesus would do.

A Village Transformed....this was our second trip to Khaw Thaa Village. What a contrast from the first trip there. We saw the power of the Gospel at work. Three hours by boat and four hours walking....we were deep in the jungle. It was here that we encountered a vibrant group of Christians that worshipped God and prayed with a vibrancy that was truly impressive. Another transformation was the health conditions in the village. On the previous visit to this village there was not a toilet in the village. Health conditions were poor. LWMI launched a project to build toilets for every house. The result was a remarkable difference in the health and hygiene of the villagers.
A Gospel we ministered to the precious villagers at Khaw Thaa Village they shared with us about more villages deeper in the jungle. Villages are being influenced by what is happening in Khaw Thaa Village. Invitations stand to go deeper and deeper into this region to share the Gospel in village after village.

harvest rotate
Jesus' Words Ever Ring True... "The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest." 
Thank you for your part in this ministry. It is an absolute privilege for us to represent you in foreign missions. Together we are making a difference in the lives of people.
God Bless You Richly!
Charlie and Cathy Milbrodt
PS: The refugee outreach is going wonderful. We are making a food drop every two weeks. We will continue to do so as long as we have funds. We had an organization donate a large amount of clothing. We will be picking that up soon and hope to distribute in November prior to the onset of colder weather. 
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