It's Hard To Believe This Is Happenning
Refugees Braving Land Mine Fields To Get To Thailand 
August 1, 2009


Sad KidIn the last two weeks 227 more families have made it safely across the border into Thailand. The stories they tell are shocking. Their villagers are being ransacked and everything they own has been stolen. If they stay they are either forced into service for the enemy army or they are required to pay the equivalent of $3.00/day/person. A fortune by local standards. The alternative is to make a run for Thailand. The problem with this is the occupying army has planted land mines all along the border region. It is a sad situation, but many have risked their lives to get to freedom in Thailand. Many others have died trying and many have been maimed by the mines.
Living Word Ministry teams have been successfully meeting the needs of the new arrivals as well as the 4000+ refugees that have settled into their new homes on the Thai side. Since we last communicated with you two weeks ago, the Nong Bua Camp (formerly referred to as NoBo) has developed wonderfully. Over 230 families now have makeshift bamboo homes and permission has been granted to build toilets. A much greater degree of order and sanitation is being developed. Mae Ue Sue and Mae Salit Luang are still somewhat chaotic with no official camp set up yet. However, we are able to come in to supply basic food items as well as the supplies they need. 
A Camp Is Born
        Nong Bua Camp Is Born
Our bible school in Chiangmai has become "headquarters" to pack food supplies for the refugee families. Our trucks deliver the food and supplies to the three main areas the refugees are concentrated in. Over 550 families are being ministered to through the food distribution program through our ministry. Along with food, we are delivering sleeping mats, blankets, mosquito nets, drinking water containers and basic food utensils. We use the trucks that normally take our children to school each day. Just like the tsunami relief efforts back in 1995, every facet of our ministry is getting involved. 
Truck Distribution
        Our Trucks Arrive With Food and Supplies
The Thai Government and the United Nations have not officially gotten involved in this matter yet. At this point they are simply monitoring the situation and constricting the movement of the people so they do not come deeper into Thailand. Through the years the style the Thai government uses is a "watch and see" approach, in hopes that the people return to their mother country. "Refugee Fatigue" is the commonly noted condition as Thailand has been hosting refugees since back in the Viet Nam War days four decades ago.
The outreach being conducted by our ministry is vitally important for the well being of these refugees. It is predominantly Christians that are reaching out to them right now. We thank you for helping us to continue reaching these precious people. Their lives have been turned upside down, but through the love of God's people we are able to bring a degree of peace and well being back to their lives. The Name of Christ is being lifted up. God is turning this horrible situation around as many lives are being touched with the Gospel and the love of God. Thank you for helping us to make this possible.
God Bless You Richly,
Charlie and Cathy Milbrodt
PS: If you would like to help with this outreach, checks should be sent to: LWMI, PO Box 70090, Tucson AZ 85737. Credit card donations can be given at our website www.lwmi.org  Funds can be wired directly to our Thailand account if you prefer. Simply provide your bank with the following information:
Account Name:          Living Word Ministries
Account#:                501-2-65170-8
S.W.I.F.T. Code:        SICO TH BK
The Siam Commercial Bank Public Co., LTD.
Thaphae Branch, Chiangmai
17 Thaphae Rd. Tambon Chanklan
Ampur Muang, Chiangmai 50100
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