Two weeks ago we shared a report with you concerning the Karen refugees that have fled from Burma. The last 14 days have been absolutely awesome. God has opened some wonderful doors.
The refugees have clustered in three basic areas; Mae Ue Sue, Mae Salit Luang and Nobo. We have been able to deliver supplies and food to all three areas. Mae Ue Sue and Mae Salit Luang are still very fragmented groups of people staying in every conceivable place possible. The government officials have not agreed to allow camps to be formed yet at these two locations.
At Nobo we have been instrumental in establishing an actual refugee camp. The Thai Military was hinting at forcing the refugees back into Burma. I don't believe this would have actually been enforced, but it did serve to unify efforts to create a camp. We have rented approximately five acres of land from a villager on the Thai side to establish the camp. The villager was happy to help the displaced people but needed an agreement of 10 bags of rice per month to replace what his land would have yielded. So, for $300.00 a month we are renting a refugee camp! The authorities have given the green light as well.
There are just over 220 families in the camp. 1276 people total. 25% of these are Christian believers. That means that over 800 people who were hidden in the jungles, inaccessible to evangelistic efforts have been brought to our front porch! What a Gospel Opportunity!
Huts Being Built
Because of the generous response to our last email report, we have been able to say "YES" to every need that has arisen. You have given us the tools to get the job done!!! Thank You! When we began working in Burma 20+ years ago, the fax machine had not been invented yet, let alone the internet. It used to take a month after letters went out for support to begin trickling in. Now in a matter of hours we can have money moved around the world and instantly mobilize the troops to the front lines. I stand in awe at the technology we have in our hands to reach this world for Christ. 

 We have said "YES" to 74 new children to come under our care as well. Thirty-four of these young people were living in sub-human conditions. They had been targeted to be forcefully conscripted into the army that is causing this havoc. We have made arrangements to support these kids in one of the camps. Forty others are children that have been orphaned because of the fighting. We have brought these children under our wing and will provide for their food and care.

Even with the breakthroughs we are seeing, there is still much to do. The authorities have not allowed decent toilets to be constructed yet. We have 1276 people using "the bushes." Clean water is the most urgent need right now. They are trying to get a well drilled, but then there are issues with electricity, etc. The rainy season has eased this need for the time being as the refugees are drinking rain water. This outreach will be an ongoing effort for many months and possibly years. The first six months will be the most crucial. Much prayer is needed to create order out of the havoc. It will take a lot of finances and a lot of man power to meet this need and capitalize on the Gospel opportunity.
Family of Wounded Man
Most of our staff are Karen nationals; their heart is towards their Karen brothers and sisters who are facing such hardship. We are committed to do everything we can to meet the needs of these unfortunate people. We will reach out to them with the love of Jesus Christ.
Thank you for your help.
Together we are making a massive difference in this situation. God is being glorified as the Name of Christ is being lifted up.
God Bless You Richly!

Charlie and Cathy
PS: Checks should be sent to our Tucson address; LWMI,  PO Box 70090, Tucson,  AZ  85737. Credit card donations can be given at our website  Funds can be wired directly to our Thailand account if you prefer. Simply provide your bank with the following information:
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