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As you know, there have been several weather events over the past few weeks that have touched many lives, both in Kansas and neighboring states. The most recent tornado in Joplin, MO, has left a significant portion of the city in ruin. In particular, the Unity Church in Joplin was completely destroyed and it is currently unknown as to whether members of the congregation perished in the storm.


At the current time, the city emergency personnel are requesting that no one travel to Joplin with the intention of volunteering. They are still conducting their search and rescue efforts, and much of the city remains closed to traffic and non-emergency personnel. That is expected to change within a week's time.


You can lend support through Unity Church of Overland Park

As a spiritual community, we will be partnering with Heart to Heart International in our support efforts for the Joplin community. As we did during the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, we will be creating personal care kits that Heart to Heart will deliver to those living in Joplin.


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We begin our support with prayer

As we move through the days ahead, we invite you to join with us in prayer for everyone affected by these events:


We call upon the presence of God, both within us and everywhere around us. In the midst of these recent tragedies and devastation, we affirm the presence of God being felt by each and every heart. Whether directly affected by the storms, floods, and tornados or simply feeling the impact in our hearts from afar, in this moment we affirm our oneness with all people.


It is from that place of oneness in Spirit that we send our love and prayers to all who find themselves in a time of challenge . . . a time of sorrow . . . a time of grief. We offer our prayers of compassion, peace, and comfort and we stand in a prayerful space of possibility and renewal. We see every resource of support coming forward with ease. And we affirm our faith in God, trusting that It is greater than any challenge and is with us always. And so it is.  Amen.


You can offer your support immediately

Blood drives through the American Red Cross are being held this week. You may also donate blood through the Community Blood Center.



Warmest blessings, 

Rev. Eileen M. Stulak

Associate Minister 

Unity Church of Overland Park

913.649.1750 ext 3056