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We want to thank you for the loving support you provide to our spiritual community. Because of your gifts, we are making a tremendous difference in the world. 


"God is the source of a mighty stream of substance, and you are a tributary of that stream. Blessing the substance increases its flow."  Charles Fillmore


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Earlier this year, hundreds of congregants participated in a survey regarding the possibility of a capital fundraising campaign. Many of you asked to receive more detailed financial information about the ministry's budget. Our financial

statements are now available online. 


In light of sharing financial information, we want to let you know that our ministry is experiencing financial challenges. As with many churches and non-profit organizations, our contributions have decreased during the past 4 months.  As members of the board, we are committed to being good financial stewards and decreasing expenses wherever possible. A summary of our financial status is included in this letter.


We will continue to keep you posted as we move forward.  In the meantime, here is how you can help: 

  • Pray daily for our spiritual community.  A beautiful prayer to use is our core value of Abundance:  "We know that God is our source and we celebrate the unlimited possibilities present in every moment."

  • Bring your friends to church with you so they can receive the spiritual tools they need to live an abundant and meaningful life.

  • Volunteer, serve and participate in the community as you are able, especially in our exciting time of Fall Faith.

  • Give financially as you are led, knowing that every gift makes a difference.

We are committed to sharing financial information with you and will update you as we make progress. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact Reverend Bob Barth, Associate Minister of Administration at 913.649.1750 or Allen Carl, Board Treasurer at 913.972.4030, or any of our board members.


We stand firm in our core value of Abundance and look to a very bright future ahead. Our temporary challenges have not dampened the energy of our spiritual community which is more committed than ever to our vision of a world of peace, harmony and abundance for all.


Your loving and dedicated Board Members of Unity Church of Overland Park,


Patricia Bass, Member and Senior Minister

Allen Carl, Treasurer

Randy Gerard, Member
Paul Heath, Vice President
Deb Mathine, Member
Ellis Megee, Member
Russ Swift, Member

Blake Williamson, Member