Layman LessonsMartie serving to one of our homeless guests
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Every Saturday 9 to Noon, Nashville's Church for the Homeless, a Hot Banquet Meal, hot coffee and free Clothing! 
Children learn to Feed the Hungry by bringing/sending sacks for lunches with their own messages of God's Love! 
Have your Church or Civic Group sponsor our Ministry one week, and help us to help others.

   Martie serving to one of our homeless guests                                                           
You Decide... Feed, Clothe, Shelter? 2,000 Homeless Meals fed weekly!  Your action many this week...we depend on your support! 

Pray ONE MINUTE Weekly for Layman Lessons and Men of Valor! 
Pray for God to raise resources for our Christian Challenge!
7,500 Homeless have found new Christian lives in 7 years!
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"Homeless No More"  is an URGENT CHRISTIAN CHALLENGE! 
 ONE Homeless Suicidal Soul Rescued 5 years ago!

Jesus Santiago Wedding  
Jesus Santiago was preparing to commit suicide that Saturday morning 5 years ago this week. Jesus heard the Praise and Worship music of our Mobile Homeless Street Ministry 5 blocks away.  Jesus came for a last meal before ending his pain, but found Hope in God and accepted a new way of life.  Jesus entered the Layman Lessons Christian Men's Training Center, and graduated 7 months later.
Presenting Jesus Santiago and his bride, with our Ministry Volunteer Clyde Beavers, his proud sponsor.  Jesus has been paying taxes and tithes for years now, working for KMart. 
YOU your support alone...Who and How many are rescued!  If every Church sponsored 1 Homeless person to stability, could we eliminate homelessness?  If you cannot be there, will you send us?  If you cannot send us, will you pray ONE MINUTE weekly for us?
John 15:5..."I am the Vine, you are the branches. If any man abide in me, and I abide in him, he will bear much fruit.  Apart from me, you can do nothing".  We know this for fact.
Will you judge us by our fruit...Jesus Santiago is one of 1,051 Homeless Saved of 7,466 responding to God at our Mobile Homeless Street Ministry, now in our 7th year!
 Church Missions Training...Street Ministry!

  Header photo full house
 Vol State College Students  of Professor Delores Vaulx- Pillow.  Layman Lessons Ministries Servant Leader Louie Johnston teaches onsite about Hunger, Homelessness, and Addiction in America, then our Ministry Volunteers train them to serve.
Layman Lessons Christian Church Ministries is the second largest UNCONDITIONAL PROVIDER of Food, Clothing, Shelter, Vocational, Life Skills and Discipleship Training to the Homeless.   We feed 2,000 Homeless meals weekly, Clothe hundreds from our Mobile Clothing Bus, with no paid staff, depending solely on private donations to maintain our Ministry Operations!
2,000 Homeless Meals Served Weekly!
200+ Homeless Clothed Weekly!
17-19 Homeless Sheltered Weekly!
650+  Hear the Gospel "Good News" weekly!
17 Homeless being Discipled Daily!
 1,051Homeless Professions of Faith!
7,466 Homeless Seeking a new Christian life! 
"Homeless No More" is a Christian Challenge!

Thank You for Caring!
Louie Johnston, Layman, Servant Leader
Layman Lessons Christian Church Ministries