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AeroCoat Adds More Colors 

February 6, 2012
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AeroCoat recently updated its website with the current list of formulas of Federal Standard Color #'s of Mil-PRF-85285 available for next day shipping. There are now 434 colors available of AkzoNobel Type I in as little as 1 gallon or 2 quarts. And there are 170 colors available of Hentzen Coatings Type II in as little as 1 gallon. See the link for specific color availability.


Price breaks for all colors start at two kits. Additional discounts are available for blanket orders. Call for details.

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Dick Creek
HENTZEN 85285 Type II in gallon kits
85285 2gal and 2qt
AKZO 85285 Type I in gallon or quart kits