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NEWSLETTER-February, 2011 - Vol 1, Issue 1
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CARC Application Spec Updated
HENTZEN 22750 Application Details
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In an effort to keep our customers well informed about issues that will or may affect us all we will offer these FYI pieces from time to time.

Updated CARC Application Spec Now Available 
The new Spray ManMil-DTL-53072D Detail Specification entitled "CARC System Application Procedures and Quality Control Inspection", was recently updated and released on December 20, 2010.  This specification makes for interesting reading for all who either specify CARC coatings or apply them.  It contains the basic procedures and good practices for all aspects for applying these paints from cleaning procedures prior to painting, to outlining which primers go with which topcoats, and to even listing touch-up procedures for making repairs of completed paint jobs.  The document is 31 pages of interesting information including these little known facts:
- primer 23377 is acceptable for both aluminum and steel.  Mil film thickness is increased to 0.8-1.2 mils for steel instead of the usual 0.6 - 0.9 mils for aluminum.(Table II, page 8).
- for CARC topcoat, where Aircraft Black, color # 37038, is specied for use, Black, color # 37030 is authorized to be used in its place.(CARC process notes, page 22).

HENTZEN 22750 Application Details
HENTZEN's version of Mil-PRF-22750F, epoxy topcoat, is one of our most popular products because its pre-reduced status in the can takes some of the guesswork out of applying this CARC topcoat making it a customer favorite.  Incidentally, Mil-DTL-22750 is discussed extensively in the 53072 Application Spec discussed above because this epoxy topcoat is used extensively for interior application for CARC.  Hentzen recently clarified its Technical Data Sheet and made it generic for all colors and all glosses.  This should help every user of this product especially in the tricky business of controlling gloss for flat and semi-gloss colors. This DATA SHEET is attached.  Also see link to AeroCoat's Stocked Products for a complete listing of specific 22750 colors which are available for Next Day shipping.

Please call if you need clarification on any of the details found in these documents.




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