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March 20, 2012
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Hi friends, 
Spring is in the air early this year, and I can not help but ponder getting my garden going! The simplest and easiest way to do so is with container gardening. It is not as hard as you may think. Here are some of my ideas and tips to get your container garden started.

One thing I tell everyone is that planting your garden is super easy, so do not make it any harder than it has to be. I have found that the greatest advantage to planting a container garden is that you can start it indoors four to six weeks before the last frost where you live. You do not have to wait for the soil to warm before you plant your seeds or transplants. Just fill your container with new potting soil, and you are ready to go! Buckets, flower pots, and long window flower containers make great container gardens. If a container is at least 8- to 10 inches deep and a few inches in diameter, you can use it. You want to allow for some growing room, especially for veggies like squash.

Converting an old bucket in to a garden can be done in just a few steps:  
  • Drill a few holes in the bottom or sides of the bucket for drainage.  
  • Fill the bucket with potting soil, up to 2 inches below the rim.  
  • Gently place seeds in the soil about a quarter- to a half-inch apart.  
  • Sprinkle an additional thin layer of soil over the seeds, covering them completely.  
  • Pat down the soil and gently water it with a spray bottle or hose sprayer.  
  • Place your containers in a sunny area and keep them watered.   
  • Fertilize as needed.  

Hanging containers are also wonderful. They can be purchased at Topsy Turvy and Amazon, or you can make them yourself. They are great space savers, and grow wonderful things like tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, strawberries, and flowers. I have found, that container gardening is one of the thriftiest ways to become a gourmet gardener.  


That is all there is to planting your container garden-easy peasy! Just telling you how to do it has made me even more excited to hurry and get mine started!

From the Blog

Econobusters is blossoming with tips and tricks that will save you time and money:  
Saving in the Container Garden
  • Herbs are great in container gardens. Here are the five best to get you started.  
  • Want a bit of whimsy in your garden? Apartment Therapy repurposes everyday items as containers for your garden.  
  • Kids will have fun with these easy garden projects from Learn 2 Grow.  
  • Here is a handy pdf from Texas A&M to help plan your container vegetable garden. 
Grilled Veggie Sandwiches

Sandwiches are a quick and easy meal for these days that are getting warmer and longer and are sure to be filled with activity.  


This sandwich is a twist on cookout fare that can easily be wrapped and taken on the go.    



1/4 cup mayonnaise  

3 cloves garlic, minced  

1 tablespoon lemon juice  

1/8 cup olive oil  

1 cup red bell peppers slices  

1 small zucchini, sliced  

1 red onion, sliced  

1 small yellow squash, sliced  

2 portabella mushroom caps, sliced  

1 loaf Italian-style bread

1/2 cup crumbled feta cheese  

Salad greens for garnish  



1. In a bowl, mix the mayonnaise, garlic, and lemon juice, and then set it in the refrigerator so that the flavors can blend together.


2. Brush all the vegetables with olive oil, and then broil in the oven until they are roasted to your preference. You can also cook them on a grill if you prefer. Remove from the oven or grill and set aside.


3. Split the loaf of Italian bread in half lengthwise. Broil it in your oven until it is slightly browned.


4. Spread the mayonnaise mixture on the bread and then add the veggies.


5. Sprinkle with feta cheese and then place the bread back under the broiler until the cheese is slightly melted.


6. Top with salad greens of your choice.


You can find this and many more delicious recipes in my cookbook In the Kitchen With Molly at the Schoolhouse Store

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Garden Art


One of the easiest ways to keep track of what is in a container is to label the container. The same goes with container gardening. Make labeling your containers easy with this simple project

The Coupon Craze




Knowing how to play the coupon game can save you big on the things you use the most. But is it for you? Boy, have I got a treat for you! Molly Green Magazine launches this April. This inaugural issue is filled with loads of couponing strategies and money-saving tips.

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Midge on Container Gardening

"Does owning a Chia Pet count as container gardening? 


"In the game of gardening, I have to say that I have always scored a big fat zero! Maybe it goes back to my very first experience with gardening, when my grass seed was the only one that would not grow in kindergarten. The teacher even appeared confused when all that was left in my white Styrofoam cup was dirt.  


"I have never actually owned a Chia Pet. I bought one for my sister once and watched and waited for the little hair to grow on the back of the Chia pig. It grew in beautifully; however, if I did own one, it would probably stay bald forever. My green thumb is definitely lacking.  


"But, I am hip to trying new things . . ."


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