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How to Recycle Your Old Jeans!

April 4, 2011
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What to Do With Old Jeans
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Chicken and Rice Goulash
Cute Denim Hair Clips
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Do you have a drawer full of jeans that are worn out or don't fit  anymore? Are your kids growing out of them faster than you can buy them? Jeans take up a lot of space in our drawers. I know I have a few pairs that need to be patched up and given away or thrown out. I'm sure you know by now that I have a hard time throwing anything away! So, I sat down and scoured the Internet to find some great ways to recycle old jeans.


Grab your notebooks or printer paper. I'm sure you will find a project in here that you will want to try out!

Old Jeans
Photo Credit: Toni Riggs


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What to Do With Old Jeans


Here are some projects and crafts you can make out of your old jeans.


  • These cute denim flowers can be used as a bouquet or to create a faux garden.
  • Watch this video tutorial to learn how to make a laptop bag. This purse is made in a similar way, with a few added embellishments.
  • Old jeans can also be used to make quilts, pot holders, and rugs.
  • This pocket magnet is a great idea to keep paper and pens handy in the kitchen!
  • Here's a beautiful denim tote by Martha Stewart.
  • You can make this tool roll to hold your knitting or craft supplies.
  • Make this adorable wall hanging organizer for your craft room or child's room.
  • This beautiful jean corsage would look great with any outfit!
  • If you have a baby, check out these stylish denim bibs.
  • Need new slippers? That's right! You can make them out of old jeans too.
  • Here's a tutorial on how to make a jean skirt. If this is too short for you, sew a ruffle around the bottom using scrap fabric or an old shirt.
  • If this isn't enough, here are some more ideas from Favecrafts!
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 Hi Molly Members,

I hope you've all had a chance to log in and download the April Digest, Molly Saves on the Go!  It's here just in time for spring vacation and planning ahead for summer.

You'll also find lots of travel related freebies and downloads this month. In fact, the folks at Activity Bags gave us their Travel Activities in a Binder as a free resource this month. A $15 value!


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Chicken and Rice Goulash


This is a recipe we usually make right before we need to take a trip to the grocery store. We take the little bits of what is left in the fridge, put them in a pot, and viola! Chicken and Rice Goulash. Tasty and economical, this can be a side dish or a main course.




1/2 cup rice, uncooked

2-3 slices of pineapple, chopped

1/2 tomato, chopped

1.25 ounces olives, chopped

1-2 chicken breasts

1-2 thin slices of onion, chopped

2-3 slices of bacon, chopped

Sweet and sour sauce, optional



  1. Bake the chicken at 375 degrees F for 20 to 30 minutes (or 40 to 50 if frozen).
  2. Boil the rice for about 10 minutes, or as directed on the package.
  3. When the chicken is cooked through, chop it up into small pieces and mix into the cooked rice. 
  4. Mix in the rest of your ingredients and add salt and pepper to taste.
  5. Enjoy it as it is, or drizzle Sweet and Sour sauce over the top and serve!


Denim Hair Clips



If you have a little girl in your house, you have to head on over to Until Wednesday Calls and check out Melissa's adorable denim hair clips tutorial. I might have to make a pair for myself!


Denim Hair Clips
Photo Credit:


iBreak new ground this spring!


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Even if a road trip isn't on your horizon, you'll find plenty useful advice this month, including frugal projects, nutritious food, financial teaching for kids, and much more!

  • Treat your family to a hearty, easy meal.
  • Brush up on the basics of grooming your pet.
  • Teach your kids about budgeting.
  • Use salvaged materials to create a useful camp stool.
  • Find out which free websites can spur you on to better fitness.
  • Mix up some homemade help for hard-working hands.
  • Check out the many benefits of using your library.
  • Get inspired to use your crafting talents for others. 


April's special feature is:

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