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It's National Grapefruit Month!

February 14, 2011
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A Look Back at the
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It's National Grapefruit Month!


Tart and tangy, grapefruit is not only full of flavor but is also packed with nutrition! Grapefruit is full of vitamin C, which boosts immune function, and lycopene which may help deter heart disease and certain types of cancer. It also happens to be low in cholesterol and calories, and just one glass of juice will give you a full serving of fruit! 


In this week's newsletter, I'm going to share everything you need to know about grapefruit. You can find out more about this tasty fruit's nutritional benefit's here.



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From the Blog

If you didn't make it to the blog this week, head on over to see what you've been missing. If you are in need of some last-minute Valentine's Day ideas, don't fret! I posted some great frugal meal and surprise ideas throughout the week. Don't forget to leave a comment. I love hearing from you! 

All About Grapefruit


  • Grapefruit trees can produce for 30 to 40 years. That's a great investment! In 2006 the United States produced 1.23 million tons of grapefruit. Find out more fun facts about grapefruit here.
  • When choosing a grapefruit, you want it to be firm and springy and feel heavier than it looks. Grapefruit is in season from January to July.
  • Grapefruit should be kept at room temperature before being juiced.
  • There is more than one way to eat a grapefruit! Try it broiled, in sorbet, as a glaze over chicken, in salsa, or in salad dressing!
  • It can be used to make a face mask!
  • If you spill grapefruit juice, you can find out how to prevent a stain here.
  • Grapefruit caninterfere with some prescription medications. Please be aware of this before consuming grapefruit if you take prescription medications.
  • If you already have grapefruit or grapefruit juice on your grocery list, be sure to check out the free recipe book and stainless steel grapefruit spoons you can get from when you purchase Florida grapefruit or grapefruit juice!


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Hi Molly Members,

I got several positive responses to the monthly desktop wallpaper so for now, I'll continue providing one each month. Log in to your member pages to download your February wallpaper. I decided to go with something fun this month. I hope you enjoy it!




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Quick and Easy Grapefruit Smoothie 



  • 2 2/3 cups fresh grapefruit juice
  • 16 large strawberries or other fruit of your choice
  • 4 medium bananas, sliced
  • 16 ounces plain or fruit-flavored yogurt
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 2 cups crushed ice



Place the grapefruit juice, fruit, yogurt, honey, and ice into a blender. Cover and blend until smooth. Makes about 4 servings. 






Grapefruit. It's for the Birds!


Here is a fun project you can do with your kids. Instead of throwing away the skin from your grapefruit, make a bird feeder out of it! It will be fun for your kids and will make your feathery friends happy too!

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