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Wrapping It Up for Christmas!

December 20, 2010
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A Look Back at the December 2009 Digest


With so much to do and less than a month to get it all done, the December Molly's Money-Saving Digest E-Book shows you exactly how to get those loose ends all wrapped up -- in December, or any time of the year!

The special feature for December is:

Comfort and Joy for Christmas

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12-Week Holiday Planner

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Design Sponge photo used with permission

If your home is anything like mine, the kids are reminding you  daily  that Christmas is nearly here. Therefore, we thought we'd focus on "wrapping things up," literally. I came across a lot of fun and creative ideas on the web that I can't wait to pass on to you.

We're also "wrapping up" our January Digest, and I just CAN'T WAIT for you to see it. We have several new articles this year as well as a fresh, new look. But more about that in the new year!

From the Blog

Were you too busy updating your Christmas list and writing cards to visit the blog last week? No worries! Here are the highlights:

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Hi Molly Members! Your Member Pages are all loaded with the December Digest as well as many helpful Christmas links and resources. As my Christmas gift to you, I'm including a free download of Travel Kits: A Simple Way to Bless Others ($12.45 value). This E-Book is loaded with great ideas to make for your own family to enjoy or to bless those you know and love. Enjoy!

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Let's Wrap it Up!

Some people are SO creative! I was blown away by all the super-cute gift-wrapping ideas on the web. Though you probably don't have the time to go all out on every gift, taking the time to make a special wrapping can make even a small remembrance seem extra-special.

Tying on simple additions like mini ornaments, pinecones, toys, or candy canes adds a special touch. You can even wrap a gift in gloves or a scarf from the dollar store.

Design Sponge photo used with permission

Magic Boxes Tutorial

Do you have an extra-special gift you'd like to present? How about creating some of these Magic Boxes as wrappers? I can see placing a special cookie or truffle in each of the little squares, or even a special note.


Do you desire to make your home a haven of relaxing family fun?
Are you looking for a low-pressure project to stir your creativity into the new year?
Need help finding frugal, fast, and fabulous ways to use up holiday leftovers?

Get ready to enjoy your family like never before. Learn how to bring cozy warmth to your home through family togetherness, low-pressure creative outlets, delicious foods, and peace-filled finances.
  • Make your own homemade yogurt, right in your slow cooker!
  • Get festive with Molly's long list of December holidays!
  • Plan a family game night and put some warmth into those cold winter nights!
  • Add old photographs to wreaths, centerpieces, and gift tags to evoke holiday memories!
  • Turn holiday leftovers into new and delicious meals!
  • Help the kids with creative gift-giving ideas!
  • Repurpose old, stained clothes and a cutting of burlap to create a fantastic rug!

December's special feature is:
Homebound Happiness: Frugal Indoor Fun

Looking for ways to engage the whole family right at home without spending a cent? Are you seeking ideas to bring some harmony and togetherness to your family? Enjoy quality times of bonding and fellowship with one of the many suggestions offered in this issue of Molly's Money-Saving Digest. Tired of board games? They aren't the only way to enjoy your family.
  • Learn to change the temperature in your home by changing your temperament.
  • Start setting the mood for family togetherness.
  • Develop a goal to make others' happiness a priority.
  • Learn to be a blessing to others by adopting a charity or elderly neighbor and serving as a family.
  • Go beyond board games and look for creative ways to enjoy your family.
  • Scope out Molly's list of suggestions and get ready for some fun family memories.
There is so much packed into this issue of Molly's Money Saving Digest that this is just a small sample.
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